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Submission + - Julian Assange To Be Interviewed in London After All (aklagare.se)

mpawlo writes: The Swedish Director of Public Prosecution Ms Marianne Ny has submitted a request for legal assistance to the English authorities and a request to Ecuadorian authorities regarding permission to interview Julian Assange at Ecuador’s embassy in London during June-July 2015. Back in 2010, a warrant was issued in Stockholm, Sweden for WikiLeaks founder and spokesman Julian Assange. Ever since, Assange has found refugee at the embassy of Ecuador in London.

Submission + - MPA/WikiLeaks Leak Reveals Swedish Blocking Case (www.idg.se)

mpawlo writes: The Motion Pictures Association is close to filing a site blocking case against Sweden's largest ISP Teliasonera. The details of the plan are revealed in documents published this weekend by Wikileaks as revealed by Swedish magazine Computer Sweden.

Submission + - Julian Assange Runs For Office in Australia (theage.com.au)

mpawlo writes: "Mr Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame, has, according to The Age, confirmed his intention to run for the Australian Senate in 2013. He will also form a Wikileaks political party. I had to check, but yes, Mr Assange is still in political asylum at the embassy of Ecuador in London. I also had to the check the date, but it's not April Fools' Day, or perhaps it is according to the new Mayan Calendar..."

Submission + - Steganography with Lolcats (lolsecurity.se)

mpawlo writes: "At the Swedish 24 hour business camp you are supposed to develop and release a project during a 24 hours hackathon. Myself and friend Niklas released #LOLsecurity. You may encrypt your message with AES 256-bit and hide it in a picture of a funny cat (a LOLCAT!). Yeah, we hate them too. Four cats are for free, any picture can be used with the 9 euro desktop version (we had to have some kind of business model for the competition — which we lost, by the way. The jury obviously did not like catz). We are not helping the terrorists, but perhaps ze dogz on the interwebz. We thought you might enjoy this. Have fun!"

Submission + - Survive the Slashdot effect (loadimpact.com)

mpawlo writes: "The web based load tester Load Impact has released a free version of its load tester. Now you can run tests if your web site will survive a mention on Slashdot with 50 000 users rushing into your web site out of nowhere... It is also possible to script user scenarios and do realtime testing, but those services are paid services."

Submission + - Google Q3 result - 10BUSD revenue (google.com)

mpawlo writes: "Google ($GOOG) just announced its third quarter results. Interesting is that the Search and Adsense giant's revenue was up 33% year on year and its quarterly revenue was just short of $10 billion. I need to start a competitor. According to Mr Larry Page, Google+ just passed the 40 million user mark. Registered, not active, but that's goes without +1 .-)"

Submission + - Carve your message into stone (wired.co.uk)

mpawlo writes: "Wired reports of the new Swedish company Saved in Stone will carve your message into granite of a Swedish mountain. That's a hard drive that will not crash any time soon. The idea is that current messages in digital format probably will be tough to read and access in a future far away, by carving your most important message into a solid rock you don't have to worry about your siblings throwing your 5.25 floppy disks away when you've passed...
Wired writes: Don't expect to be able to draw a massive penis on the mountainside, though. Jorgensen says: Whatever you want to write must be allowed under Swedish law. We don't want to have this mountain cluttered by obscenities. So we take the liberty of censoring sometimes.
Who will sponsor the Slashdot logo carve-out?"


Submission + - A Kyoto Style protocol for net.freedom (pawlo.com)

mpawlo writes: Since a few years I have been thinking about a Kyoto style protocol for net.freedom. I am thinking about a protocol for nations to follow to establish some ground rules to keep the Internet freedom alive, just the way the Kyoto protocol did for the environment. Sure, the Kyoto protocol has so far not saved the environment. But it keeps the issues on the agenda. So will a protocol for Internet freedom. I think five basic principles would be enough to ensure "Internet freedom" (whatever that is). The five principles are: "Freedom to access", "freedom to encryption", "non-censorship", "no surveillance" and "this is not about copyright". My suggestion involves setting up a task force to actually carve out a text states can sign plus carrying out the diplomacy involved in getting it done. I am sure someone can draft this more eloquently and please do. I am aware of previous tries carried out by the EFF and others, but I think they all have been too ambitious. Keeping it this simple will be hard enough. Not many states today would sign-up for freedom to any of the five basic principles. But should we accept it?

With Wikileaks being more or less thrown of the Internet I thought it was time to actually publish my ideas and see what happens. If my naivety makes you laugh, well, then at least I created some more happiness. Wikileaks is interesting, because I am not even sure I like what it does. But I think it deserves better treatment as a netizen. And so do many more. So here it is. My suggestion for a Kyoto style protocol for net.freedom.


Submission + - PayPal stops WikiLeaks payments (thepaypalblog.com)

mpawlo writes: It seems like Wikileaks is finally starting to learn that corporations do not provide free speech or services as such. This week Wikileaks has not been able to use Amazon's cloud service, then its domain name hosting got into trouble, then some of its other hosting disappeared and now Paypal "permanently restricts" Wikileaks account. This due to EULA violations, namely "payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity". The Web and the Internet is fantastic to facilitate free speech, but in practice there is no real safeguards for it, when the sh*t hits the fan for real. You may be a supporter or a non-supporter to Wikileaks, but that is in my opinion the real story here.

Submission + - Critical e-voting researcher arrested in India (freedom-to-tinker.com)

mpawlo writes: Hari Prasad, a researcher working with J. Alex Halderman, Ed Felten and Rop Gonggrijp on a (highly) critical study of flaws in Indias e-voting system was arrested by ten police officers in Hyderabad, India yesterday. It appears this is a political arrest to unveil the groups anonymous source whom provided a voting machine to the group's study.

Submission + - Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave

mpawlo writes: "According to News.com and other sources, Apple has confirmed that Mr Steve Jobs will take a medical leave of absence from his CEO position. Mr Jobs will be on medical leave until June, Apple says. The condition is described as a hormone imbalance. Mr Tim Cook, Apple's COO, will take over until Jobs' return."
The Internet

Submission + - Unibet CEO Detained by Dutch Authorities (unibetgroupplc.com)

mpawlo writes: "Mr Petter Nylander, CEO of Swedish online gaming company Unibet, was yesterday detained by Dutch authorities, using a European arrest warrant issued by French authorities. Unibet is considered (by French authorities) to be in violation of French gaming laws. However, the European Court of Justice recently ruled that betting services are to be considered under the EU Treaty, hence Unibet's French operations should be deemed legal under EU law. No relevant Swedish official has yet commented on the issue. Mr Nylander is reportedly still held, awaiting questioning Wednesday morning."

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