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Comment Re:Diesel (Score 1) 1141

Well, the diesels winning in Le Mans are not slow, but they are certainly very noisy and insanely expensive to buy and repair.

Not true. I went to Le Mans this year and the Audi diesels that won the race were probably the quietest cars there. The Corvette and Ford petrol cars were way louder and way slower.

Comment Re:Most hilarious summary ever (Score 1) 452

OK, time for a karma beating...

If the USA wants to extradite him, it should be part of a mutual agreement. Currently the extradition agreement is biased towards the USA. Of course our last government did make that agreement but that's down to the fact that Tony Blair was Bush's bitch and we're still paying for the wars that the Bush persuaded Blair to drag us into.

Essentially the reasons most of us in the UK disagree with this extradition are (in no particular order):

1) The mutual extradition agreement is unbalanced in cases of this type.
2) The guy has Asperger's.
3) Your agencies essentially left the door wide open and he just strolled in. It wasn't persistent hardcore hacking (which your enemies are more likely to do)
4) He wasn't likely to cause any real damage - aside from potentially leaking information, which is quite serious of course but we've caught him, we can deal with him.
5) WE ARE YOUR ALLY! It obviously wasn't a UK conspiracy against the USA. You have plenty of enemies. Concentrate on them!

Comment Re:which fedora? (Score 2, Interesting) 148

It's not even quite that simple unfortunately. I highlighted the kernel example because FC12 is based on 2.6.31, RHEL6 on 2.6.32, and FC13 on 2.6.33. So in that particular case, they're picking a version that doesn't match any Fedora release.

FC12 was released with 2.6.31 but is now running 2.6.32, so I guess RHEL6 is closest to FC12.

Comment Re:Fogbugz (Score 1) 428

+1 for FogBugz being awesome and it does everything you ask for extremely well except for it being a desktop app or locally hostable webapp. You could host it yourself but that would be very expensive. I think you should have a little more faith in the cloud though - I believe they are a trustworthy organisation with too much to lose (i.e. shitloads of customers) if they did leak your data.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 297

But is an addiction to nicotine really all that problematic if you're addicted to the patch or the gum? Does nicotine alone have long-term health effects and would those effects outweigh the possible benefits?

I really don't know the answer to that but there surely are issues with being addicted to anything. For example; controlling the dosage levels (an addict may take more than recommended), ability to switch to a better alternative in the future, unwanted side-effects (which I'm pretty sure nicotine has). I accept your point though, if the benefits outweigh the current problems the recipient has, it's certainly worth considering.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 297

I suppose a way to test it for yourself would be to get the patch or the gum and see if it helps you. At least that way, you're not getting most of the bad stuff too.

Whilst your point is valid, he'd be putting himself in danger of becoming addicted to nicotine again if he did so. Obviously he's managed to give up once, but nicotine is *very* addictive so it's probably not a good suggestion!

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