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Comment Re:"Custom OS" (Score 1) 277

I think what you're thinking of is the ICL PC Quattro - which didn't run DOS, it ran Concurrent CP/M 86. I used to have one, and yes it did allow each terminal to run four different login screens - the system unit also allowed you to connect up to 4 separate terminal units. Had a colossal 10MB hard drive too - sadly it took up a lot of space and ended up being unceremoniously scrapped (into landfill too - before the days of even attempted recycling!). I still have the original system floppies along with an original copy of SuperCalc 2 - never tried reading the disks since then though.

Comment Re:Remember all those years of Linux on the Deskto (Score 1) 183

Eh? KDE is nothing like Windows 3.11, not even remotely. I'm assuming by 'completely new design' you mean the Unity interface used by Ubuntu? Or Gnome 3 (which seems to be drawing much hate). Gnome 1 was pretty similar in layout to KDE 1/2 - even Gnome 2 was similar in that way if I recall correctly, never really used Gnome much.

Comment Re:waste of time (Score 1) 426

This was one of the things I REALLY felt lacking about DOS's CLI compared to the Beeb when I moved from a 128K BBC Master to a 286 PC back in 1991 - the ability to copy any character on the screen was just so intuitive - DOS felt clunky by comparison (it still does!). I still have the Beeb in the loft while the 286 was long since consigned to the PC graveyard in the sky...

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