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Comment Rules of engagement for cyber espionage (Score 1) 157

I understand that your platform suggests a massive investment in techno-literacy for Americans, which will take years beyond a presidential term to achieve. In the meantime, given the state of the modern internet with regards to cyber crimes and foreign government-sponsored hacking, what are your plans to protect U.S. technology interests and investments, and when those measures fails, what forms of sanctions can we expect the McAfee administration to seek redress the damages?

Comment Re:Guns? (Score 1) 572

I agree that "weapons of mass destruction" should never have been invented, nuclear weapons in particular.

Nuclear weapons absolutely had to be invented when they were, by the nations that developed them, because ultimately, they served as a deterrent to broader conflicts and saved lives. Had the US invaded Japan during WWII, tens of thousands of lives on both sides would have been lost, the war would have been prolonged, and the later Cold War could have easily escalated into another World War, albeit a conventional one, between the US and USSR. It may be strange to think of it, but nuclear weapons have brought some measure of peace during our lifetimes, when for hundreds of years of conventional war, there was not.


Submission + - Glass shape influences how quickly we drink alcohol

An anonymous reader writes: In the category of science you can use, a recent paper in PLOS One reports on the affect of glass shape on the speed of consumption of alcoholic beverages. Drinkers consumed alcoholic beverage from a straight glass 60% more slowly than from a curved glass. This effect was only observed for a full glass and not a half-full glass, and it was not observed for a non-alcoholic beverage. Not surprisingly, there was a positive association between total drinking time and mis-estimation of the amount of alcohol consumption.

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