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User Journal

Journal Journal: Hello world, how the hell are ya? 3

So, is the dumbass going to somehow think that I'm writing this about them?

I hope not.

I had tasty cereal for breakfast this morning.

I am very sleepy, none the less.

Is it nap time yet?

Silicon Graphics

Journal Journal: Another fine day

Today has been yet another fine day.

We went for thai food today. It was tasty, but perhaps I ordered mine a bit too spicy. I've not been eating much spicy food lately.

I feel like my creative juices just aren't flowing at maximum. I need to spark my brain - if I can just find the time to do it.

I have never killed anyone, but I've thought about it plenty. Haven't we all.

This is another paragraph with words in it. See how I've made two sentences? It is an amazing thing, that grammar and language combined.

This has got to be the fucking lamest journal entry ever.

User Journal

Journal Journal: So, here I am again 1



With snow.

In Cincinnait... the land where the people really believe that they live in the deep south, where the "great white death" has come to claim us. Somehow, I fail to see why barely an inch of snow can incapacitate so many, but as usual, it has.

Personally, I think if one cannot manage to drive at least close to normally in weather like this, they should have their lisence taken away - or be shot.

Have I mentioned how I love the web-filtering company WebSense?

User Journal

Journal Journal: I still have 2 karma 1

What's up with that?

Oh, wait... its probably because I haven't been posting here in several weeks.

that may have something to do with it.


Journal Journal: pain 1

my damn arm hurts.

I am pondering the merit of ripping my ulnar nerve out with a fork. It can't hurt any more that it already does. meloxicam is a crappy pain releiver, and I'm not sure about its anti-inflammatory properties, but I would swear that ibuprofen hs been more effective.


The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: I SHALL SUCCEED! 2

so the brand-spanking new Western Digital 40G drive refuses to work in my computer. Fuck 'em. I found an old 850M WD drive that will work just fine until I can stick a 20-30G drive in there. And it'll be a Maxtor this time, since I've never had a Maxtor drive go apeshit the way WD drives have.

Perhaps WD is just evil.

but now my son will have a computer of his own that he can completely fuck up if he so chooses. And it will have little impact on my or my wife's computers, which is a good thing. Its amazing how 15 month olds want to do everything that you do.

And now he's walking...


Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: poop on a stick 3

once, when asked what I wanted for dinner, I answered "poop on a stick".

no really, this is true.

later, this became a running gag. If we couldn't think of something that we really wanted to eat, we'd reply with "poop on a stick".

one day, while thinking of wierd things to do for Halloween, we thought of this:

take some tootsie-rolls, mush them up and wrap it around a stick: wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am - poop on a stick.

you could also work in some candy corn for the coveted "poop with corn on a stick"

and here I am, typing this while eating a doughnut...



Journal Journal: funniest damnn thing I've seen in weeks 3

so, like, does anyone else find it fucking hilarious that one of the morons on the latest version of Survivor is, oh yes, a fucking GOAT FARMER???!!!?!?!?!?!?

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

and he's an asshole at that... he must miss his goats already...

User Journal

Journal Journal: This is a new entry into my journal 2

Look at how I've added this entry to my journal. My journal now has another entry in it. How I love to add to my journal. My journal could well be on its way to becoming the focal point of my entire existence.





User Journal

Journal Journal: Columbus Day 1

Who the hell actually gets the day off on Columbus Day? I mean, I don't work for the government or anything, yet, I get to spend the day at home, getting caught up on other crap.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not complaining one bit, but you just admit that it is quite odd to have the day off when nearly no one else does...

User Journal

Journal Journal: dismay

Today is not quite what I expected.

Yes, this past weekend was rather crappy with my son getting sick, barfing all over, not sleeping well, so on and so forth as it is when all small children are unfortunate enough to contract a stomach virus.

Yet, today managed to not only surprise me, but to shock me, and pretty much everyone else. The horror of witnessing such death and destruction over views that many do not understand or appreciate is sickening.

What is truly sad is that someone, some group, out there truly believes that their actions today were just.

What a sad, sad world this has become, and what sad, pathetic people there are inhabiting parts of it.

This should not be what life is about.

I will not permit my son to live in fear.

Terrorism shall not be tollerated.

and isn't it sickly ironic that today is 911 (sept. 11)...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Pants

I wear pants.

Yes, I know, it is quite shocking, but true.


And underwear, and shirts and everyting (except women's clothing, as I am not a woman).

Clothing. Both functional and yet subtly profound.

Everyone should wear clothes.

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