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Comment Study history or repeat it. (Score 1) 180

Just because IBM made the same mistake decades ago why think that Microsoft wouldn't fall into the same trap? IBM's mainframe division was so afraid of the first IBM PC that they saw to it that IBM's second PC was the laughable toy, the PC Jr. That left the field open for Compaq to design and release the first 386 boxes and IBM lost control of the market. Had IBM added PC local smarts to the 3750 line of remote terminals things might look very different today.

Comment forensic use of phone billing info (Score 1) 144

Let's start by making it standard practice to check the phone record of any driver WHO IS ALONE IN HIS/HER CAR at the time of an accident that results in personal injury or damage above a specific threshold. If a driver is involved in an accident at 5:35PM and found to have been on the phone at 5:35PM and could not produce a hands-free device at the scene of the accident we have a winner. Likewise if the driver was found to be texting at the time of the accident lets see them defend themselves in court.

Granted, a texting driver or driver on the phone with a passenger is going to say that the passenger was using the phone, but in the case of a driver with no passengers we have to technology to place the blame appropriately.

Comment Look and Feel (Score 1) 128

Apple's look and feel suits are the ultimate insult. First they sue Microsoft for copying the very same things that Apple had lifted from Xerox PARC. Now they've taken possession of the rectangle. Imagine the same thing happening in the automotive industry. Hyundai can't sell cars because Mercedes thinks that their grills look like theirs. Someone else can't sell their cars because their headlights look like another's. No one can sell anything because their "C" pillars look like BMW's. Enough is enough.

Comment Re:Hugh Laurie (Score 1) 357

What "known rules of the Doctor Who universe"? Practically every episode either conveniently forgets established events, or retcons them right out of existence. As long as they give us an alien with two hearts who travels through time in a blue box, they can't very well damage the shredded tatters of continuity.

I do agree that Hugh Laurie would be a great Doctor. I'd pay eight bucks to see that.

I'd pay $8. But then I'd be seeing it in a tiny theater months after release. By the time it gets into the theaters expect to pay $20 a ticket. And of course it will be in 3D. And pseudo-IMAX.

Comment Re:So do the libraries (Score 1) 191

Precisely why library software (generally) deletes closed transactions automatically. You may want to verify this with your local librarian (be prepared to follow up with the software vendor). Remember that libraries require a warrant. A request by a walk-in police officer (or husband or wife) is turned away. Libraries make every effort (short of keeping no records) to protect the privacy of patrons.

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