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Comment Re:What did it for me was (Score 1) 413

- the rampant immaturity and callousness. MMOs need a karma system, even several, where you rate your random-grouped partners on their skill, social behaviour, and efficiency. - the endless grind, which is harder to solve: either things come too easy to anyone, or one must grind them for hours... - the lack of new stuff. Blizzard has tweaked WoW, but not really added new game mechanisms over the years. My last fights a few months ago were very similar to whatever I was doing in Molten Core way back when. - the gross imbalance in Tank/Healer/DPS numbers, leading to 30+ minutes waits to run an instance with a DPS. - my guild insisted on doing 25-players raids, which I find top heavy and boring. - permanent balance issues. I think there were too many classes filling the same roles, but not equally. They never delivered on "take the player, not the class"

I played WoW for a while in several month bursts till I went to university, but I agree with pretty much all these points based on what I remember of Wrath of the Lich King. The following killed the game for me too:

  • Homogenization: Paladins and shamans for both factions. Making the healer classes too similar rather than keeping it so druids were better at HOTs or whatever.
  • Cross server battlegrounds: A lot of people were complaining about the big queue times, but removing the option entirely for in-server BGs really killed a lot of the camaraderie we had going with opposing teams and individuals. Same thing with cross-server LFG. Solved the issue of not having people to group with, but made random PUGs even less personal since you would hardly ever see the same people pop up again. This also led to having loads of ninja looters in PUGs.
  • Making everything too easy: Within weeks of a new instance coming out it always got nerfed. Practically every new item was 'epic' quality, which totally diluted the label. Where were all the blues? You mention the grind being partly necessary which I agree with. But why couldn't they just make things more difficult rather than requiring a huge volume of play? Perhaps this would alienate casual players. At the time I quit the 'heroic' 5 man instances were just really easy. In Burning Crusade it was much more fun when you actually needed a half decent group to do the more difficult 5 man heroics.

The karma system is an awesome idea and I don't know why it's not there yet (perhaps it is for MMOs I don't know about; I don't play them these days).

Comment Presumption of security?! (Score 1) 343

People deserve to get caught if they're stupid enough to communicate criminal conspiracy over such an insecure channel. Broadcasting photos of yourself with stolen goods on the Internet is a blunder of almost comical proportions. Thankfully they are obviously not very organised or clever if they're working like this. To me it looks like a bunch of unaffiliated troublemakers and petty criminals who are behind this rioting. People will bitch about RIM giving up this data so easily but there's an easy way to make this a non-issue. Yep you guessed it - encrypt stuff yourself first! Is there no decent encrypted messenger for blackberries? I know the platform was pretty awful to develop on last time I tried it out but I'm sure there would be a market for this. I think if I went around asking non-technical people if they would be comfortable with all of their mail being on postcards they would be quite appalled. But this is what email is like and people use it in plaintext for all kinds of sensitive stuff.

Comment Re:Like Music, News and other dinosaurs. (Score 1) 148

Yeah I'm currently paying about £3.3k which is the cap. Anyone starting next year gets completely shafted with an almost three-fold increase. In my opinion this government are idiots for not investing in education which is the future of the country. Guess I should be glad I don't live in America anyway!

Comment Re:Like Music, News and other dinosaurs. (Score 1) 148

Only because the american model runs colleges like a business. Over here in europe university is basically free. My fees this year are 1.5k. There is a benefit to universities though, you get to meet and interact with a lot of smart people. Abandoning universities entirely is not the way to go, reforming the broken model is.

Clearly you don't live in the UK, where the majority of decent universities will be charging the maximum tuition fee of £9000 per year ($14.7k at the current exchange rate). University is most definitely not free here.

Comment Re:Rain on the parade... (Score 4, Informative) 156

All examples of usage of the extradition has been where the act has been illegal in both countries, *and* the US has been able to show that some of the act was carried out in the US.

What about Richard O'Dwyer of TVShack fame?

The legality of linking It's not clear whether O'Dwyer has even committed a crime under UK law. O'Dwyer is not accused of hosting infringing content himself. Instead, his site provided links to content hosted by other websites. In December, a British judge ruled in favor of TV-Links, a website that, like Tvshack, offered links to video content, some of it infringing.

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