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Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1010

Math stands apart from the rest of the subjects because it is sole pure abstract one. It is the only subject which was created 100% by humans.

I guess. Unless you count language. I know I needed to take a few years of English and a foreign language to meet my NY high school graduation requirements. Last I checked, those were 100% human creations.

Comment Re:Nuke it from orbit (Score 2) 547

A ten year old computer running Win 7?

I get an computer upgrade every 3-4 years. That doesn't mean I lose every file and document I have every 3-4 years. The OP was simply stating he's been employed there for 10+ years and has accumulated a lot of personal data. I'm sure he's had new hardware a few times since then.

Comment Re:hey editor guy! (Score 1) 767

Leaving leap units aside, there are (24 x 60 =) 1440 minutes in a day. Twice in those 1440 minutes the clock will be correct, so it is right 2/1440 (0.138888...)of the time.

If it has a second hand, there are (24 x 60 x 60 =) 86400 seconds in a day. Twice in those 86400 seconds the clock will be correct, so it is right 2/86400 (0.0023148148...%) of the time.

All the digital clocks I have will keep the wrong time if they lose power. Lose power, comes back and clock says "12:00". One hour later, clock now says "01:00". That's a broken clock that's never right.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1, Interesting) 78

Imagine that. More than doubling the clock on your D1 showed significant performance gain. So, that's like replacing that Civic engine with a V6 at double the HP. Bet you see some performance gain from that, too.

However, going from 1 GHz to 1.2 GHz.......yeah, not so much. That IS just like adding the fart-pipe and getting a barely-noticeable 25 extra HP on your Civic.

Comment Re:Sure.. that will build 1 thousandth of the towe (Score 3, Informative) 501

Have you EVER done anything related to cell site design? 40 mile RADIUS? That wiki states the LIMIT as 25 miles for GSM. In case you've never driving along a highway, there are towers a lot closer than every 50 miles. Wonder what the reason for that is? Oh, maybe it's because the radius of each cell site ISN'T 25 miles.

Let's try this. The signal being transmitted by the cell site, regardless of carrier or technology, travels at a certain frequency. When this signal hits any obstruction (yes, even air counts) it gets degraded and weakened by a certain amount. Buildings, trees, and ground are the main sources of signal degregation. If your tower is in a valley, you ain't getting signal from that tower on the other side of the mountain. The sad reality is that almost every tower is too low (either the height of the tower or it's ground elevation) to provide a 25 mile radius of coverage. Some mountain towers or towers along large bodies of water (Great Lakes for example) can get substantial line-of-site distances where calls can be made at 25 miles or more. So to assume that you can build towers to cover 6000+ square miles is absurd. Do the calculation assuming a radius of about 2 miles (most towers on highways in New England are spaced about 2-4 miles apart) and see how many towers you need to blanket the US. You could even go with a radius of 5 miles, because your towers in the Great Plains and other flat areas will get much greater radius of coverage and mountainous regious would have much smaller radius towers.

Either way, you can't have a valid calculation with an asinine assumption like each tower can cover 25 (or 40) miles in every direction. Nice try, though.

Comment Re:Does hollywood have any originality left? (Score 5, Insightful) 444

C'mon. At least of the 6 major Batman movies, 4 of them were decent or good (I'm sorry, but Batman & Robin and Batman Forever SUCKED!). Did you even SEE The Dark Knight? Hardly slapping on a fresh coat of paint and slapping it up there. And nevermind that Batman Begins WAS basically a "reboot" for the franchise.

And it's not necessarily originality that's lacking in Hollywood. It's the fact that original, high profile, big budget pictures tend to elicit quite a following if they're at least decent, and this causes sequels to be "big" as well simply because people who liked the first (or second, or tenth) will come see the next simply out of curiousity. Repeat ad nauseum.

Comment Re:America? (Score 1) 135

Yes it is.

The continents are North American, South America and Central America.

America is short for the United States of America which is the only country to use the America on its own. So saying America is no different than saying Britain despite the fact the nation's actual name is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Britain is a good example too because, speaking of mistakes with locations, it's often referred to as a country but Britain is not a country but a nation or state made up of countries. But British people seem to have less of an issue with this than Canadians do with the term America even though it's 100% correct to abbreviate the USA as America and Canada has nothing to do with America as there is no continent America.

I'm not sure where you went to school, but there are only 2 "American" continents. They are North and South America. Central America is a region, not a continent.

Comment Re:The shit sandwich question (Score 2, Interesting) 483

CDMA equipment is by and far more expensive than GSM (like almost 10x's more expensive....thanks Qualcomm). In fact, carriers such as US Cellular deployed TDMA (pre-GSM) after analog, and then switched to CDMA. CDMA is a more robust technology than GSM, which is why it give the appearance of better coverage in the sticks. It's also the reason GSM carriers have migrated to UMTS (which is simply wideband CDMA, or W-CDMA). And I think if you compare native coverage, you'll see that AT&T has coverage quite comparable to Alltel and VZW, and I highly doubt they've spent more money on building out their network compared to VZW.

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