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Comment MANAGEMENT == PSYCHOLOGY (Score 2) 125

Management is all about psychology.

Slapping clients on the back.

Getting them to open up their wallets and... SHOW YOU PICTURES OF THEIR GRANDCHILDREN!

Slapping employees on the back.

Getting them to open up their wallets and... SHOW YOU PICTURES OF THEIR GRANDCHILDREN!

As long as you continue to think like a gearhead, you haven't made the necessary mental and spiritual transition which is necessary to become a true manager.

You need to start thinking like a shrink.

Or at least like a father.


What did they use to teach the computer?

Did they torture a bunch of undergraduates with cattle prods, and then load the photographs of the undergraduates screaming in pain into their great big giant neural network of "true positives"?

Versus photographs of other undergraduates, deeply immersed in their favorite pornography websites, as their "true negatives"*?

And who were the human beings who were competing against the computers?

Random joe sixpacks plucked right off of the street, or folks like Military Medics and Civilian EMTs and Oncology Nurses and Trauma Surgeons, who have a lifetime of experience watching true pain in their patients and who know exactly what it looks like?

*And God only knows how they would categorize the undergraduates who like to hang out at sites like kink.com, watching naked people being tortured with cattle prods.

Comment I'll try ANYTHING. (Score 1) 72

I'll give almost ANYTHING the benefit of the doubt.

But there is a very finite upper bound to my patience, and as soon as that foreboding "Not Ready For Primetime" feeling starts to sink in, I'm outta there.

Again, though, my larger point would be that there is MASSIVE value-add in simply "getting it all to work together seamlessly", and unless and until the FOSS/Linux/BSD community [-er-, non-Apple BSD community] starts stepping up to the plate and actually putting in the elbow grease and peforming their due diligence on customer relations and making the whole process more or less "seamless" - until that time comes, M$FT is gonna keep eating their lunch in the Enterprise space.

Folks in the real world simply do not have the spare time to do the whole "poor fat bearded dude living in his mother's basement" routine for very long, before they actually STARVE to death [for lack of sufficient income stream].

Comment "drop-in" != "figuring out how" (Score 2, Insightful) 72

There are drop-in replacements for Exchange Server, it's just a question of figuring out how to do it...

"DROP IN" means there's a readily available "Downloads" page at some website, where you go to download some 250MB executable file with a free 2-user licence, and once you download that file, you double click on it, and it brings up a choice panel between "Basic" and "Advanced" installation, and 99% of all n00b users can choose the "Basic" installation, and within 5 minutes or so, you're up and playing around with the system and getting a feel for how it works and how your users could benefit from switching to the system.

"Drop-In" does NOT mean that you have to spend a week at Amazon, reading through thousands of product reviews, deciding which stack of softcover programming books with pictures of bizarre esoteric mammals on their covers you will need to purchase, and then spending about three or four years of your life actually reading the stack of softcover programming books with pictures of bizarre esoteric mammals on their covers, until you have a PhD-level understanding of C-Compilers [and a worthwhile opinion as to whether you should compile with the GNU compiler or Clang/LLVM or the Intel compiler or the M$FT compiler or the WTFE compiler], and which libraries you will need to compile against, and the theory of BASH shells, and the theory of prime numbers & elliptic curves and LDAP authentication, and the theory of sector-level hard-drive replication living beneath WebDAV and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

And then five or ten years later, when you've finally earned your "PhD" from the "School of Hard Knocks", you've still got to spend six or eight weeks at various internet forums, from Palo Alto to Bangalore, trying to figure out WTF line of code you need to add to some configuration file to get it all to work together reasonably "seamlessly", when finally some poor fat bearded dude, working for free from his mother's basement in Bulgaria, finally points out to you that your corporation can't do this because your 1,000 client computers have a known "issue" involving their 3Com ethernet chipsets in combination with their ATi graphics chipsets, but that no one has been able to chase down where that particular bug might live in the total code package, and so you're SOL.

At which point you learn that no one ever got fired for purchasing M$FT.

Comment Wow - how did this one get approved at /. ??? (Score 5, Insightful) 435

It must be a cold day in Hades.

Relentless war which the globalist elites are waging against any possible middle class opposition - CHECK.

Utter hypocrisy of moving employees off-book, into sub-contractor scams, where hours are guaranteed to be less than 30-per-week so as not to qualify for Obamacare - CHECK.

Big-$$$ campaign contributions and other goodies being laundered from Bezos through Gorelick and into the Chicago Machine - CHECK.

Hypocrisy of Martha's Vineyard vacationing politician, who otherwise would love him some indie bookstores, heading to the mother of all vertical bidnesses for a little facetime on the evening newz - CHECK.

What's next, an honest discussion of why Fuckerberg and Ballzmer and L-Word-ison really want all those H1B aliens?

Might be a good day to go long on some snowball contracts in Hell.

Comment NT4 was such an abomination... (Score 3, Interesting) 221

in NT4 and later fonts are parsed in kernel mode

Sometimes I feel like I must be the only geezer remaining who actually had the opportunity to use NT 3.51, so let me tell you: It was a GLORIOUS operating system.

EVERYTHING was client/server, and all the client stuff ran in Ring 3/User Mode.

Heck, you could even kill Windows, and run it as a multi-user "DOS" box.

But, of course, that meant that the video/graphics subsystem also ran as a client service, in User Mode, which [I guess] the suits perceived as being "slow", and therefore as being an impediment to the gaming experience which would come with the impending merger of code bases that we now know as Windows XP [2001].

So in 1996, some genius at MSFT decided to throw out all of the beauty and elegance and stability and security that had been NT 3.51, and to serve up, instead, the great big steaming pile of sh!t which was NT 4.0 [with its video/graphics subsystem subsumed into the kernel].

And the world was never again the same...

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