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Comment Bad summary of bad blog citing bad arXiv paper (Score 1) 123

So the arXiv article (http://arxiv.org/abs/1106.4192v1) cited in TFA is a little more accurate than the already-much-panned summary. But the authors of the arXiv article still use the term 'virtual infection' which is very misleading at best.

Basically there are a few (actually only two described in the paper) entries in one particular human genome database maintained at EMBL that appear to be mycoplasma-derived. Two out of 45,000 features on the Affymetrix Human U133 +2 oligonucleotide array, used to quantify mRNA levels in a given sample, appear to correspond to the mycoplasma sequences. So, at best, two of the genes you look at (out of 45,000) might be mycoplasma genes in that particular type of experiment.

It's not a big deal, so that's why the work isn't published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Submission + - Anonymous Details Next Op, Talks Security (theepochtimes.com)

jjp9999 writes: "Anonymous Operations detailed their upcoming operation against the Malaysian government, revealed a bit about how they choose their targets, and talked about their own security, in an exclusive interview with The Epoch Times. The group stated they do fear "being backtracked" and getting caught for their global hacking campaigns, yet stated "oethere is a liberating faith" among Anonymous members, and the action is “what makes it fun.""

Comment Re:Making a replicator (Score 2) 105

It just needs to be made entirely out of materials that are available to it. I don't think metal would be easy to come by for a machine like this. Or plastic, for that matter. The mining/manufacturing process is too difficult.

People get freaked out by the idea of replicators, but what the hell are WE? Or any life form, for that matter? The simplest ones can survive on light or heat or chemical energy alone, and as long as there is energy and a few new necessary building blocks about (C, O, N etc in various forms) a lot of types of bacteria will happily replicate indefinitely!!

All this grey goo and nanotech rubbish is pure paranoia! It has already happened! It's life, dammit!

Comment Re:Dark matter? (Score 1) 117

Could is be possible that dark matter is just ordinary matter, made up of atoms and such, and that we just haven't found it yet because it absorbs the radiation we scan for?

Thankyou. I have often wondered the same thing. How exactly can we assume that all non-dark matter is detectable using today's instruments? Isn't it possible that there is one hell of a crapload of normal matter out there that we just can't see? That it isn't some mysterious force that we have to give a spooky name to?

Hope some cosmologists out there can shed some light on this, preferably in layperson's terms.

Comment Get an academic to add their name to it (Score 1) 279

Just a suggestion and I haven't had time to check if someone else has also suggested this, but you might find that contacting an academic who works in a similar area and asking them to add their name to the author list as a corresponding author might give you a better chance of publishing the material in a decent journal. It's pretty normal to have at least two authors these days, even if the second author did next-to-nothing for the article. It helps in the case where a student does the work then moves elsewhere and is not contactable - the supervisor's contact details are not as likely to change (plus they usually contributed to the research by funding or providing equipment etc), so they get put on at the end of the author list as a point of contact.

In your case, there are a shitload of companies likely to profit if your algorithm is as good as you reckon it is, so I would support previous suggestions that you protect it in some way before releasing it to the public.

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