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Comment Who's the target audience? (Score 1) 590

Anecdotally, it would be my guess that these minorities are probably over-represented in terms of those who actually consume these games.

Which leaves open a very large, untapped market to be targeted by game producers who could potentially profit from targeting titles to these under-served groups. I don't expect that market to be ignored for long as gaming becomes a more ubiquitous form of entertainment.

The question is do women and minorities consume fewer games because they are underrepresented or are they underrepresented because they're generally less interested in that form of entertainment?

Comment Paste Special (Score 1) 252

What drives me nuts about Calc is the "Paste Special" drop-down menu. My options are: GDI metafile, Bitmap, calc8, DDE link, Unformatted text, DIF...

I have no idea what half of those mean or why they're applicable in a spreadsheet program. I don't remember ever needing to paste a bitmap image in a cell (and wouldn't that be pasted by default anyway if that's what was in the clipboard?). I believe they are just the same options as in Writer. For Calc, these options should read Values, Formats, Formulas..., etc.

I do appreciate, however, that Calc and Gnumeric have the good sense to assign a shortcut ctrl + shift + V to the Paste Special dialog.

Comment not likely (Score 1) 555

If they had to give it away to protect their market share it's still much different than saying they'd need to open-source it. In the first case they'd still retain total control over the OS. Beyond that what's the advantage to sharing the code? When different flavors of Windows start popping up then they're going to have a huge number of users expecting them to support flavors of Windows that they have no influence or control over.

Russia's Mars Mission Raising Concerns 245

eldavojohn writes " has a blog on Russia's Phobos-Grunt project designed to explore the planet further. He voices concerns about part of this exploration that is dubbed LIFE (Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment) and backed by The Planetary Society that involves sending several samples of Earth's hardiest microbes to see if they can survive the round trip voyage.'s correspondent Leonard David did some legwork to ensure that The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 was being upheld as it prevents cross-contamination between planets and receives some interesting responses from experts on this mission. The Phobos-Grunt mission will also deploy a Chinese sub-satellite 'Firefly-1,' which will attempt to figure out how water on Mars disappeared. Unfortunately, The United States is not taking part in Phobos-Grunt."

Comment Teach CS! (Score 1) 474

If you teach a programming course K-12 students are likely to fail. But basic concepts of computer science would be great. The biggest benefit from most young adults studying philosophy is that they become familiar with logical arguments (except of course the statistically insignificant few who make academic careers out of philosophy). Anybody with a better-developed sense of logic is a positive contribution to the U.S. labor-force, even if they can't program. Math influences this too, but its language is intimidating to many types of learners. Why not experiment* with a new approach? Maybe early courses in computer science will lead to better performance in upper-level math courses later on?

*experiment meaning don't overhaul the whole education system on a bet that it will work.


Chrome Complicates Mozilla/Google Love-In 307

Barence writes "Mozilla CEO John Lilly has admitted the Firefox maker's relationship with Google has become 'more complicated' since the company launched its own browser. Mozilla is dependent on Google for the vast majority of its revenue and has previously worked closely with the search king's engineers on the development of Firefox. But that relationship appears to have cooled since Google released Chrome in the summer. 'We have a fine and reasonable relationship, but I'd be lying if I said that things weren't more complicated than they used to be.'"

Gnome 2.18 Released 253

xdancergirlx writes "Gnome 2.18 was released today (on time as usual). Detailed release notes are available. Nothing revolutionary in this release but definitely some nice new features, bug fixes, and improvements."

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