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Comment Broswer based interactive games (Score 1) 44

Not all of the games need to be immersive or first person shooter types to be educational. Last year I was a Steward(player advocate) at until it went off line for a few months (You can read more about it here - I am currently involved in what will be an open source version of that style of game located at . They are PMOG (Passive Multiplayer Online Games) run through a Firefox plugin connected to a host server. The plugin and server allow you to interact with websites, leaving tools and such on them for other players to find. Whenever you go to a site where something is located a small popup window appears and you have the choice to interact or not. The primary role of my player at the Netethernet was to make missions that guided players through sites related to World War II history. Other players used the game to pass on information about areas they were interested in. I took very educational missions about literature, science, politics, etc It proved to be a very easy way for people to share a wide range of detailed information. When Nova Initia is released to open source we plan to include a version tailored to education. The idea is that a local server would be set up and students would install the toolbar, only the students and teachers would be able to access this server. The teacher could assign them a subject and, using the game engine they could ‘write’ reports on the subject that the other students could take and comment on. Kind of like a choose your own adventure approach to the subject. The idea behind these games is to supplement your daily web experience with useful bits of knowledge but, not be something you need to be fully invested in while you learn.

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