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Comment Re:I always use my home as an example (Score 1) 146

>Maybe one day AI will be good enough to totally trust. We're just not there yet despite all the wishful thinking.

You're so right about this - autonomous cars are still decades away. In the next 5-10 years we might get cars that can drive on a freeway on a sunny day, and even then you'll still have to be awake behind the wheel.

Comment Re:My thoughts (Score 1) 150

>Having resources when you need it. Lets say you have some seasonal tasks that needs extra horse power (Quarterly Reports, Christmas Rush, Back To School, Exam Time...) so you can request short term extra power to keep up

oh yeah?
What about when all the other folks have exactly the same idea?
Cloud provider sez: "Err, sorry buddy, no space in the cloud right now... but we might find a little bit you can have for, um, 3 times the price... ah, no, that's just gone to your competitor for 4x but I'm sure we can get it for you at 5x"

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