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Comment Frank Herbert's 'White Plague' (Score 0) 754 Molecular Biologist goes crazy after his wife is killed in an IRA attack. Develops a virus that kills only women. Great story and delves into the ramifications of what is right and wrong when it comes to science. Personally I think all good reasons to obfuscate, prevent, or hide scientific research - as long as it doesn't hurt people - are all short term. The security gained from ignorance will only last until someone else develops it secretly. All that is left then is ignorance.

Comment Why that name over anything else? (Score 0) 136

I know its probably going to be brought up a lot.. but really, why name your project after a computer in a movie that becomes sentient and tries to wipe out humanity? Could have been.. StarNet, or SkyFisher... or anything. Its as if they wanted all the internet nerds to make fun of them.

Comment Re:Definitely not (Score 1) 427

I asked Cleverbot if it was a 'girl' or a 'boy'. It said boy. I asked the same question again. It said girl. It then accused me of being a robot. Just a randomly chosen gender to speak from would make the bot ten times as effective. My circuits are still confused, however, how it was able to determine I was a robot.

Comment Re:It's a crime to attempt a crime, or incite othe (Score 2, Insightful) 400

That's a lot of people just out to have fun. When you have massive riots in multiple cities, I'd be hard pressed to consider it just reckless lawlessness as entertainment. Look at Syria. How has those in charge characterized the rebellions? Lawless hooligans out to just cause trouble. No one believes it. But then you have riots at home and our precious security feels endangered.. doesn't sound so far-fetched anymore. How exactly would civil unrest against a perceived corrupt political system manifest? When anyone that shows any attempt at leadership is arrested, you wouldn't expect any type of organized demonstrations. You'd get a chaotic mess of angry people lashing out.

Comment Re:Glad to learn that the boys aren't discouraged (Score 0) 304

What motivates you to say such things? Is it the power trip of thinking you'll scare someone more competent that you? Seriously, you should have added at the end "and they'll get your little dog, too!" Did them rocking the boat a little shake your misplaced foundation in the infallibility of our western military? Your reaction is infantile, and more importantly, your anger is misplaced. The proper reaction is shock that some teenage script kiddies could hack into NATO at all. You should be venting your anger at the utter incompetence our military displays. As for those teenage script kiddies at Anonymous, I do believe, if you ever wanted to, you could probably get a job at NATO securing their servers now. I'd also recommend you don't disseminate the data you found, as you don't know what the consequences of releasing that information may be, or the lives it could cost. Point made. Leave it at that.

Comment I work at a local newspaper (Score 1) 271

Its not the internet killing our business. Its the economy. Our advertising has dropped immensely - a large part of the advertising being real estate. Our paper grew in size dramatically during the real estate boom as property agents purchased ad space in our paper. When I started working at my paper, 20 pages of our 60 page paper was filled with real estate. Then the crash came. Now its somewhere between 3 to 4 pages. The resulting recession hit other business around town, and not only did our real estate drop, it became difficult to get anyone to buy advertising and/or pay for it later. People got laid off. Not only that, the few advertisers we do have, we tip toe around to keep them happy. This is why the quality of the news in local papers has dropped. Not competition with the internet. For larger newspapers with a larger proportion of state/national/world news, sure there is competition from the internet. But for a local community, who is going to report on local events except for the local newspaper? There is no competition. Its the economy, not the internet.

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