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Comment Re:But they should, they just don't know it. (Score 1) 688

I myself prefer Linux, and even with Windows 7 being a decent OS I'll only use it after my beta ends if I buy another system that comes with a reasonably priced OEM install. Even though I have no complaints about it other than my system doesn't seem to work well with the suspend function (but it's a desktop so that doesn't matter much here) I'm sure not shelling out hundreds of dollars for Win 7 Pro instead of Home because I want XP Mode for some older programs I've had compatability issues with. I've found very few things that I can't do with Linux, and most of them are from poorly designed websites with silverlight or IE extensions. Even most of my games work with Wine. Unless MS gets some sense regarding their pricing, which they will never do as long as people shell out that much for it, Windows will only be reasonably priced when it comes installed on a new system. But at least they've managed to make one where I won't be claiming my Windows refund for a change.

Comment Re:Dock/Taskbar design (Score 1, Offtopic) 688

Mac makes a good computer, forget the OS. Those $600 new systems are crap, and they're going to last nowhere near as long as a new mac. I myself prefer Panasonic laptops, which are even better than macs but even more expensive. I've had bad experiences with Dell, Gateway and the like. Even Alienware has gone to crap post buyout. If I want a good computer I'll get a Mach V from Falcon, a Toughbook from Panasonic or a Macbook Pro from Apple. If I want to save money, well, when it falls apart the day after the waranty ends the savings are kinda lost.

Comment Windows & X-Box only (Score 2, Informative) 244

The publishers will only be working with Massive for ads within Xbox 360 and PC versions of games, and not those for any other platforms.

PS3 or Wii anyone?

EA I expected to be there, I'm not to terribly surprised that Activision is on it, but I am really disappointed in THQ for being on that list.

Comment Re:Hacking (Score 1) 244

I don't mind the in-game bulletin boards as long as they amtch the game. Not like a froob acount on AO where you're seeing commercials for movies that are thousands of years old by game timeline, or the "do something amazing" for a military force that no longer exists in the game. Sports games I expect to see these things, and they fit there, but if I'm off in space killing Zerg I sure as hell don't want to see a Nike commercial.

Comment Re:Will not work. (Score 3, Insightful) 244

I purposefully avoid adds that pop up in games or on TV. If I want to buy something I go looking for it, I don't automatically jump on whatever is thrust in my face the most. I want comparisons, user reviews, studies on safety and privacy if it applies. I don't care about brand names, in most cases don't care about appearance, and sure don't care about catchy jingles that get in your head and won't leave. If I find myself humming about mini-sirloin burgers when I'm out looking for something to eat I can guarantee that I won't be stopping at Jack-in-the-Box.

Comment Re:People definitely neglect science... (Score 5, Interesting) 656

The question is, how many are baffled, and how many just don't care to learn it? Learning for the sake of learning doesn't seem to be popular anymore, people squeeze by with the bare minimum they can cram into their skulls so there's more space left over for American Idol, Reality TV and celebrity gossip. At least that is what I see here, I can't think of any reason it would be any different in the UK.

Comment Re:Punishment doesn't fit the Crime (Score 1) 587

I don't believe the web search will return results for the lowest sex offender level, which is where public urination charges would be found (unless they were publicly urinating on someone), so I'm wondering if the lower levels are also banned or if they are still allowed to use social networking sites.

Another thing to consider on sexual offenses are messy divorces where one parent accuses the other to gain custody, I knew someone who took nearly a decade to clear his name after his psychotic ex-wife accused him of molestation to win the kids (and the support payments she was really after).

The last thing I see as a major issue here is that they will attack the ones we have no problem depriving of their rights first, and when we let them do it to them they will eventually move on to us.

Comment Re:Depressing, but not uncommon (Score 1) 1251

At the same time, the self-esteem and all-must-have-prizes philosophies that now pervade much of education have convinced everybody that they deserve to walk right into their dream job, just because they've done nothing more than show up for class and turn in assignments most of the time.

I knew this was a problem when I started seeing "participation" trophies for kids. Translation, you're a loser, but we need to spare your feelings rather than encourage you to do better next time. Is there any wonder that our jobs are all going overseas? Not only is the work cheaper there, but employees actually think they need to earn their keep rather than just have it handed to them.

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