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Comment Excitement aborted (Score 4, Insightful) 188

If they're trying to prevent people from getting excited about the Olympics or share their enthusiasm, they've succeeded. At this point I really couldn't give a crap about the Olympic games. Now I just feel sorry for the athletes who are risking disease over something the IOC seems dead set on restricting access to.

Comment Funny math or straight pay for that $100K? (Score 1) 248

I've lost count of the number of times I've gotten letters from HR after discussing raises detailing (in words, not actual $ values) how my pay is so much more than what shows up in my bank account. There's the paid vacation time, how much they pay toward my insurance, sick days, other benefits I have absolutely no use for (but I'm sure someone convinced the company that for $X, they could claim it was worth $Y).

Unless this bill says the H-1Bs are to get $100K (before taxes) in actual spendable money without counting any benefits toward that amount, it's just going to end up in a whole lot of gym memberships (as an example) in other states (to prevent actual use) "worth" $20K/year costing the companies $500/year.

If they can pull this off, there may be some minor uptick in outsourcing, but there are still a lot of very insecure, untrusting, upper-level managers who want there to be a person they can physically get in the face of when they want to exert a sense of control. I note the continued resistance in businesses to institute telecommuting practices.

Comment Re:In Theory - Thor (Score 1) 87

I'm an implementer of OIM (10 years now). OIM is an excellent framework for a provisioning tool, but the connectors are terrible (fortunately easy to build your own against the API) and the UI is useless. The most successful OIM implementations I've come across (or built) have been ones that used a custom UI and/or just made everything scriptable. The API is really the saving grace of OIM. It's confusing, but it is powerful.

Sadly, I'm watching the product spiral downhill as of the last several versions.

Comment Re:Guns (Score 1) 337

I have. I was in a Peter Piper Pizza (a pizza place with children's rides and playsets for those who might not know) and there was a guy sitting across the room with his family with a pistol holstered in the open. I didn't get up and leave, but I did keep looking over to make sure there weren't any heated discussions starting.

Comment Add a cellular data toggle widget (Score 1) 129

On Android 4.4 I could toggle my cell data on and off with a swipe and a press. Android 5.1 has broken that simplicity, so now it's a swipe, a press, a careful swipe and another press (thanks, Google, for making that harder). I can toggle background data access on and off from the same widget bar. I just turn it on when I need it and off when I don't. The rest of the time I use wi-fi. I set my podcast app to only update and download on wi-fi, so I have plenty to listen to on my commutes without consuming my cell plan at all.

Comment Death by 1B papercuts (Score 1) 139

Since you can't be sure if someone is just speaking in code, just send the government everything and claim you think it could be terror activity. In fact, send them 10+ copies of everything and inundate them with the reports. Hell, generate random email messages and submit those. Let them set loose their analysts trying to puzzle out randomly generated garbage.

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