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Comment Re:Retaliatory measures based on no evidence. (Score 1) 821

Very well put: "Basically the only reason you like the electoral college is because it makes your vote count more than the vote of someone who you don't consider as fully human enough to have equal say in a democracy." I'm not even saying the electoral college is "wrong," (I would have stopped short of fully human as overbroad—no part of our federal democracy is majoritarian and that's not necessarily bad :) just that you capture the distortion that is applied. I do think it is time to revamp the system; this popular/electoral vote split is just embarassing.

Comment Oracle's touch is poisonous (Score 3, Insightful) 157

Oracle DB - Licensing prices capable of bringing down even the richest empire
Java - Dead language walking on the client side. Server side use waning, though still has a lot of life remaining from Sun's stewardship (even with Sun's missteps). - About to be put out of its misery by Apache. Long live Libreoffice.
VirtualBox - Decent for desktop virtualization and trying out other OSs. No real potential as an enterprise tool. Has somehow avoided getting screwed up by Oracle so far, but I expect the extensions package to monetized and licensed into oblivion any day.
MySQL - lapped by MariaDB for anyone serious about security (see recent root access exploit)
ZFS on Linux would be a non-issue if a company other than Oracle was involved in the matter.

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