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Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 1) 611

>>they have a very unique piece of property property that doesn't belong to them. More than the domain name... the valuable thing is the data. I gave my name, my address, my email address and my money **to** Ron Paul. I did not give those items to anyone else. For them to take what I gave to Dr. Paul and try to sell it is stealing. Simple. Further, if you develop a product while under the employ of someone or company, for the purpose of promoting that someone or company, using that someone or company's resources, then try to patent it under your own name, the patent office would throw it out because that code/data/whatever is the property of that someone or company for whom you are working (volunteer or not). If you start to say that I own all the data that I am responsible for as webmaster is my property and I can take it with me even though it was collected from citizens under the name of my company I would be thrown in jail, which is what should be done to these extortionists. In summary, my gift was to Ron Paul. It belongs to him.

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