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Comment insane (Score 1) 1088

Why on earth would a state give up its voting sovereignty?? Seriously, follow the leader??

Anyway, there would still have to be a constitutional amendment at some point to remove the electoral college.

If anything, states should seriously be considering withdrawing their ratification of the Constitution. It's worthless toilet paper now and they actually do have the power to withdraw ratification at any given time. We no longer operate as the Union as intended by the Constitution. By the end of Obama's 4 years, there will be no states - we'll be a giant messy blob ripe for squashing.

Many states no longer want to deal with their own funding and just want the fed to give them all the money they need. Those idiots in CA are the worst. I like Arnold, but his governing is a joke. He has no balls to stand up and take control of his state.

This is a truly scary time for these United States of America.

Comment child porn is child porn (Score 1) 1044

Child porn is defined by what it is, not who has it. There is no difference between someone who is 15 or 35 shoplifting. Why should be be different here?

This is another example children wanting to be treated like adults - except when it's inconvenient for them. Then, all of a sudden, they are "just children".

We live in world where 1st graders are performing oral sex on each other when a teacher walks out of the world. I guess we should just allow that to happen. After all, they are "just children".

Comment gas tax is ALREADY per mile (Score 2, Insightful) 713

When you do buy gas? When you have driven.

How much gas do you buy? Depends on how far you drove.

When do you pay gas tax? When you buy gas.

Cars cannot drive without consuming fuel. Unless you are buying your own crude oil and refining your own fuel, you already pay tax based on how much you drive.

This idea has nothing to do with taxes. It's about control and invasion of privacy.

Comment Re:Most scary option: your own immune system (Score 1) 511

Actually, many people have reactions to antibiotics that are worse than the infection it is treating.

The human body is much more adept at dealing with viruses on its own than with bacteria. Why do you think the mortality rate was so much higher before antibiotics? Any type of bacterial infection was a death sentence. Hell, there are antibiotics in the water now, so it's no wonder there are so many resistant strains out there. I'm pretty sure bacteria is much more resistant to the environment as well. It survives in heat and cold.

We don't have many anti-viral drugs. They generally aren't needed since the human body will actually fight most of them off on its own.

Eliminating all treatments, I would take a virus over a bacteria any day.

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