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Comment Re:Trust no one (Score 2) 330

I think it is great to question Schneier, for the same reason we do security audits. You need to examine your trust anchors from time to time. So for Schneier, we ask ourselves a simple question, is the advice sound? The idea that the math is sound, but the implementations are broken has been a constant refrain from everyone for decades. There would be no benefit to paying or threatening Schneier to make him say that, as it has been his refrain for ages. Tomorrow the people in the field with the skills to attack the math will do so, just as they were doing a year ago. The people with the skills to attack the implementations will do so like they did a year ago, but with a few more obvious targets. We'll all continue to harden our security the same way we have for ages, by assuming that there is a flaw and that it must be found.

Comment Find it a bit odd (Score 1) 220

The only statement from the summary I kinda disagree with is the following. "Turns out AMD's Phenom II X4 980, which is over a year old, offers lower frame latencies than the most recent FX processors."

I only mention this because I replaced a Phenom II X4 980 with the FX 8150 last year which increased my average frame rates across the board. Oh well what do I know?
Not like I've experienced the exact opposite of their claims or anything like that.......

Comment Re:And who were the attackers? (Score 1) 114

The reason people are suspicious is that a group with a bad track record is encouraging something dangerous. Sure the Chinese, the Iranians, hell the Canadians are looking to access systems in the US, but that isn't a reason to trust DHS. What we know about this one incident is that DHS made a rather unorthodox request.

Comment Re:We have the same problems in this country (Score 4, Informative) 110

Centralia is only the best known coal fire in the US. Some are not mine related, some like Laurel run PA are. Centralia is a mix. The fire was started at a landfill, but that landfill was located in an abandonded strip mine. The natural coal seam wouldn't have been near the surface had it not been for the mine.

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