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Comment Focus on automated assembly (Score 1) 472

With all their design skills they haven't made a 90% or higher an automated assembly process yet? I wonder if they could send it as a kit you assemble... ;-)

I have a feeling the first manufacturing they ever bring back will be an automated factory. I could jest but it would be understandable if it's a satellite facilitating managed mostly remote from their existing facilities whenever that time comes...

Comment Re: Click Bait (Score 1) 232

No deal...

Because it's not just the news, it's what you do with it.

If you happen to be a group of folks trying to get Universal HealthCare (WHICH EVERY OTHER INDUSTRIAL COUNTRY HAS!).. (hold on... Got wipe off my screen...)

Then perhaps some errors or lies are understandable in context but frankly that sucked too. Unfortunately the core issue is a lack of compromise on (ANYTHING!)

Damn... I need a squeegee...

Comment Granted I'm a small sample size.. (Score 1) 232

But in reviewing all of the folks I have in contact with that are in the Trump camp, and researching at least 5 of them in the last 24 hours they are misleading at BEST!

Washington Post, republican leaning but that was the best of the bunch. The rest were outright distortion and lies.

The one I backtracked about a white guy in Charlotte getting beaten at a protest back in September was barely covered by any other media outlet, except the right wing ones across the globe with no depth or context. I finally found a note in Charlotte news organization that had a paragraph about the full video that showed he may have been getting pulled away by some African Americans to try to protect him. No further articles could I find.

When I look through all of the links and news stories these folks have silo'd themselves with fake news.

If facebook won't own it, they get problems. Their "unlikability" numbers aren't so good if I remember.

Comment Color me Saddened... (Score 1) 332

There may be more to this article but if true I thought Mr. Gates had a better bead on things.

If you build an inter-connected world you can't find safety by removing yourself from it. We are beyond the point of no return. It's peace prosperity or bust.

He could make it himself much safer by giving his money away... which in a way he has I suppose.

Still bums me out. I have faith in humanity, I wouldn't be here without them... ;-)

Comment Meta - Comment - Moderation is broken. (Score 1) 1144

Except for 1 post about body armor, not 1 comment that was upvoted had anything to do with a technological solution which was the crux of the question in this post.

"No" 5 Insightful... REALLY!??!?

I don't want to compare to much to a website that shall not be named (rhymes with eddit) but I am quite disappointed.

Perhaps I expect too much.

C'est la vie.

Comment Breaking it down - thinking in text (out loud) (Score 1) 1144

You have prevention, detection, mitigation.

Prevention is blocked due to many issues, none of them logistics. Short answer, that resolution path is blocked.

Detection - How can you detect?
Embedded RFID or some other tagged indicator but much like RFID wallets that can be circumvented.
The key component to a gun, is the projectile. This idea is already trending in the discussions I see.
Again, you can't tag the projectile at the point of manufacture but perhaps you can detect its characteristics.

Idea - Open Source to detect gun/rifle shot with a high accuracy. This could get put in embedded systems or perhaps even android phones.
Better detection may allow for automatic reporting. It's a start.

Mitigation -
Weapons fire is a high risk situation. How can you reduce the risk with preparation? How can you allow for mitigation?
We've all read stories of "sleep gas" and stun grenades but what options are there?

Idea - A device to neutralize a situation that can be deployed with minimal risk to the first responders. Risk equals delay.

Sound would seem to be the best vector for delivery. Any non-lethal (preferably non lasting side effects) is another tool in their tool kit.
Again an open source option seems best to me, because it could be deployed via cell phones or existing sound systems.
As much as we hate "Don't tase me brow" any option is better than none. In this case it could be an option for the DJ or business owner to deploy to
clear the building. There are no lethal words or sounds as yet, only volume/amplitude.
If SWAT is equipped with the appropriate counter it clears the playing field of non-actors.

Last out there idea (perhaps for synergy):
An automated robotic aggressive response. A targeting mechanism that returns fire (possibly non-lethal) for the source of gunfire. Again, projectile's
are mass produced and static in their design for near 100 years. Focus on the technical sticking points.

(Since I've been me for a long time I wouldn't be surprised if the above isn't already well on its way if I googled for it. My hope is for discussion not awards or kudo's. I.E., don't nitpick my ideas apart just riff on it please.)

Comment This is not an IT thing (Score 4, Insightful) 420

I worked 3 contracts for HP.

Each of them ended the same way. After years of successful operation, and after a few failed attempts, they eventually handed the operations to another group either outsourced or over seas.

The very core of an IT person is employing automation. We work to handle more than we could before. We build systems and procedures that ensure against failure and allow for our obsolescence.

I've never minded it.

But this is no longer an IT thing. Any job can be outsourced and automated.

Comment Bias (Score 1) 286

"Nor is it enough to load up on batteries charged by solar on the ground, since that would add even more weight to the plane, vastly increasing the energy needed for takeoff."

Fuel Cells can rectify liquid hydrogen (and some other hydrocarbons), and you would have the same operating parameters as jet fuel: Lighter on landing than on take-off.

Solar planes may or may not happen, but the bias of the author seems pretty obvious to me.

Even though I would debate if plane that flies on liquid fuel derived from solar panels is really a "Solar Powered" craft but... Bias is still evident.

Comment Gee.. Let me think of how to rebut that idea.. (Score 1) 372

What a load of shit!

To say that increased visibility of those responsible for our safety and security when they perform their duties leads to danger is a non sequitur.

I don't worry about additional audits or information on any process for business or manufacture. If fear is they only conclusion they have, their premise is false.

Comment So where did the fella you replaced go? (Score 1) 158

Sounds like you are a systems admin, and you want to be an engineer. You need to talk to the CIO/CTO. This problem pre-dates your tenure.

It's not the system that determines the solution, it's the vendor. So whatever it is they do you are already off to a bad start.

What budget to they have to replace their solution? Where are they in the market? How can you monetize this solution if they haven't already budgeted for it...

In my not so humble opinion your question (and more importantly how you are asking it) would have barely worked in 2003 or before. You are trying to focus on the platform, not the solution. If you don't have 3-5 vendors for your industry you may need to craft something out of LAMP or Open Source but there are not simple open source solutions anymore.

If they are looking at Open Source they need to have a staff to support it, which I am highly doubtful they want to pay for.

Good luck dude!

Comment Look hon! There's job openings in Irving! (Score 2) 657

There's stupidity, there's arrogance, and there's stuff you should really be escorted out of public service for...

I hope somebody gets fired out of this... No apologies...

Or on the other hand I look forward to 2-3 days of lame attempts to somehow justify this...

Shall see...

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