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Comment Virtualisation? (Score 1) 528

Perhaps it's time for Indymedia to move to a cloud computing service such as Amazon's EC2. I imagine it becomes quite a lot harder to sieze a server in this kind of environment. Their server could be running pretty much anywhere (and would easily be restartable,) and their data could be replicated in multiple geographic locations.

Of course, the police could just get Amazon to shut down their account instead. It depends on whether the siezing of the server was to recover data, or to take down the service.


Submission + - BitTorrent 6.0 beta closed source, Windows only

makomk writes: The BitTorrent (Mainline) 6.0 beta has been released, and it's a rebranded version of uTorrent. Unfortunately, it's also closed source and Windows-only. (Apparently, BitTorrent Inc always planned that the next version of Mainline would be closed-source, even before they decided to base it on uTorrent.) It also comes with a mysterious content delivery system called BitTorrent DNA, which appears to consist of a single invisible background task, dna.exe.

Does the original, open source BitTorrent client have a future, or is it time for its users to switch to one of the many other BitTorrent clients?

Submission + - New FingerprintingTechnique to Reveal Race and Sex ( 1

Tech.Luver writes: "Telegraph reports, " A new fingerprinting technique that can identify the race and sex, and possibly the diet of suspects has been developed. Scientists have shown that using a gelatine-based gel and high-tech chemical analysis can provide significant clues to a person?s identity even if police do not hold existing fingerprint records. ""
The Courts

Submission + - Copyright Misuse Claim Against RIAA Upheld

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA's attempt to dismiss a "copyright misuse" counterclaim against it has been rejected by Judge Charles L. Brieant, in a White Plains, New York, case, Lava v. Amurao. The counterclaim (pdf) calls for the record labels to forfeit their copyrights on the ground that they "are competitors in the business of recorded music.....[and] are a cartel acting collusively in violation of the antitrust laws and public policy, by litigating and settling all cases similar to this one together, and by entering into an unlawful agreement among themselves to prosecute and to dispose of all cases in an identical manner and through common lawyers..... Such actions represent an secure for themselves rights far exceeding those provided by copyright laws......Such acts constitute misuse of copyrights, and lead to a forfeiture of the exclusive rights.....". The judge also upheld (pdf) a counterclaim for declaratory judgment of non-infringement, and granted the motion for leave to file an amicus curiae brief filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation."

Submission + - Ubuntu Magazine Released

jpaul writes: The Ubuntu community has yet another thing to rejoice about, and it is their very own magazine. The Full Circle Magazine is completely free and takes a look at various aspects of Ubuntu as well as its immediately family: Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu. Issue #0 is currently available and offers a look at Ubuntu's history including the new features that were introduced into Feisty Fawn. Issue #1 is being worked on and stands proud at 44-pages, so keep your eye out for more and don't forget to contribute to the magazine if you have time!
XBox (Games)

Submission + - XBox Laptop

WED Fan writes: "This is a really cool idea for those that are seriously addicted to thier consoles and jones for them while on the road. Engadget has a cool article about turning your XBox into a laptop.

Now, if they can fit the XBox into a Pico ITX, you'd have some serious portability."

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