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Comment Re:How about fix VLC for ANY operating system! (Score 1) 210

The thing with VLC is, that its a shit-ton more than just a media player. You can't really find any other single piece of software that could replace it IF you also use it for its other uses.

But I do agree, that for just playing video files, I am torn between it and MPC-HC


Detailed Analysis of the SK Communications Hack 21

An anonymous reader writes "An Australian IT security company, Command Five Pty Ltd, has just released a detailed analysis (PDF) of the recent SK Communications hack in which the personal details of up to 35 million users were stolen. This new analysis gives details of the attackers' malicious infrastructure and contains as-yet unreported technical details of the malware used in the attack (including the fact that it has the capability to sniff raw network packets on infected machines). The report also identifies links with other malware and malicious infrastructure, demonstrating that the attack is likely to be part of a broader concerted effort by well organized attackers."

Comment Re:The best thing against piracy is: (Score 1) 170

When quality DVDs are available on the street corner in front of your house for sixty cents, displayed in attractive packaging, and people still don't want to pay that much, obviously there isn't a mentality of paying for software because you "like" the company. There's a mentality that it would be stupid to waste the money when you can get a free version that's just as good.

By the way, these sixty cent DVDs are either straightforward copies of the legitimate DVD but with added subtitles, or maybe they'll contain a complete season of a TV show on just a few disks.

The main reason they are not selling is, that there is a superior product available (online download).

The ease of use of an online download is greater than storing and inserting a pirate DVD to a player, which again is greater than an official DVD with10 minutes of forced commercial before the remote controller can be used.

The sad thing here is, that the original product is worse than what the pirates are offering (both bootleg and online), and no matter how low the prices for the original product go, the sales cannot increase before the quality for the end user goes above the pirated product.

Comment Re:Why hasn't it clicked yet? (Score 3, Insightful) 219

You don't think that piracy is just a non-US problem, do you really? If you do you're a fool and if you don't you've gone out of your way to miss the point which makes you a troll.

piracy is a worldwide problem, hence you cannot use examples or webstores that are only available in the united states to draw conclusions like the op did.
ie. that there already are viable alternatives to piracy => if piracy did not go down => it is the people and not the content managers who are at fault.

especially when this whole news article is about an EUROPEAN isp. hence the discussion would by logic be eurocentric, not us centric.

my post was to show that there is still a lot of work to do on the content managers side to bring out a product that can compete with a pirated product, around the world, and not just in some specific part of the world.

Comment Re:Why not just ride a bike? (Score 1) 115

I cycled to work during the last winter and actually found it somewhat enjoyable. Just make sure you have a good headlight. The output of some types of batteries breaks down when they get cold. The AA LiPo ones I finally bought work ok at -10C.

Much will depend on your definition of winter, which I guess depends on where you live :)

Comment Re:Why not just ride a bike? (Score 2) 115

Due to Winter.

This is a pretty decent development compared to what they usually have at gyms for their cycling.
My local one is currently using heartbeat assisted cycling, where everyone is using a wireless heartbeat monitor and the results are displayed on the wall via a projector.

I have long been wondering why the cycles cannot be used to do real routes, by automatically controlling the bike magnets to reduce or increase the effort based on the distance you have so far gone, and maybe even showing everyones location on the route on a map also projected to the wall. It sounds so simple to me..

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 423

24 fps isn't arbitrary. It's the result of a lot of research.

It's the minimum number of frames that trick 99.9% of people into seeing a constant image on screen.

According to the Peter Jacksons blog entry that this news is based on, 24fps was chosen because it was the lowest framerate that they could sync audio to, without problems, back in ~1920, thus the cheapest possible framerate as film costs money, and the higher the fps, the more film is consumed.

Comment Re:Yeah right. (Score 1) 442

Except that these barriers are all really nothing more than a chicken-and-egg problem. Nobody builds a phone that can do all the HSDPA bands, but that's not because it's hard. The only customers who care about the 1700 MHz band are in the U.S. and Canada on carriers that don't sell unlocked phones, and there are no laws requiring unlocking. As a result, those customers don't expect to be able to move from one carrier to another without unlocking. As a result, the handset manufacturers don't need to build phones that allow this. As a result, the chipset vendors largely haven't bothered to design the chips to make this possible.

If you can build a 5-band handset, a 6-band handset is really only incrementally harder. Even a 12-band handset is only incrementally harder when you factor in electronically tunable antennas into the mix.

Nokia does.

N8 supports the following bands:
GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100


Two Unpatched Flaws Show Up In Apple iOS 171

Trailrunner7 writes "The technique that the Web site is using to bypass the iPhone's security mechanisms and enable users to run unapproved apps on their phones involves exploiting two separate vulnerabilities. One of the vulnerabilities is a memory-corruption flaw that affects the way that Apple's mobile devices, including the iPad and iPod Touch, display PDFs. The second weakness is a problem in the Apple iOS kernel that gives an attacker higher privileges once his code is on a targeted device, enabling him to break out of the iOS sandbox. The combination of the two vulnerabilities — both of which are unpatched at the moment — gives an attacker the ability to run remote code on the device and evade the security protections on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The technique became public earlier this week when the site began hosting a set of specially crafted PDF files designed to help users jailbreak their Apple devices and load apps other than the ones approved by Apple and offered in its official App Store."

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