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Comment Re:Gen Z (Score 1) 76

Its aesthetic is not retro in a game sense though, because no era of games naturally looked like that. It is retro in that it is trying to mimic old cartoons, but it's only recently that we've had the graphics capability of doing that convincingly. Shovel Knight and Axiom Verge do have retro styles but I think most people would agree they were appropriate to both games and not just a way of short cutting the art assets.

Comment Re:misleading (Score 1) 60

Yes, the Channel F was important, and its cartridges made the Channel F the first programmable game console. No need to paint it as way more innovative than it was. The good people at Magnavox (no, not Baer personally) invented the idea that you could plug a card into your game console and it would change which game you are playing.

So the distinction is that the Channel F's games were in the cartridge and the Odyssey's were not? Were these jumpers used to select a game built in, or were they changing the parameters of operation in effect to create each game? If the latter is true, then the Odyssey cartridge would in fact contain game programming. It would also seem there would be a limit to how many such unique games could be made.

Comment Re:That's why the Nintendo PlayStation died (Score 1) 60

You'd put the A/V out on the cartridge containing the PlayStation, and only use the cartridge connector to pass the inputs from the SNES controller. (How could you downres the PS output into SNES graphics without dedicated digitizing hardware, anyway?) Maybe you could even go all 32X and mix the video outputs to allow overlaying the SNES graphics on top of the PS output. In that case you'd want to be able to send data to the SNES from the CD, so you'd probably need some kind of 2-4Mb cache in there somewhere also I kind of hope someone tries building this now.

Comment Re:Just give the option to turn it off... (Score 2) 823

Gee, I thought the sound of the engine was also part of the UI... First it tells me the car is running. The sound of the engine revving higher indicates increased load, obvious when you are climbing a hill, but not as obvious as leaving your parking brake on. From the sound of the engine you can tell when the air conditioner has kicked on, when your fuel is sub-optimum, how tight the belts are etc. I wouldn't want to be dependent on an internal combustion engine I couldn't hear operating.

Comment Re:Why do people still go AMD? (Score 3, Interesting) 160

Brand loyalty I suppose... I chose AMD over Intel for CPU when putting my first PC together because I didn't want to support certain business practices of Intel. When AMD bought ATI, I started using AMD GPUs instead of nVidia (thinking they would work together more smoothly being from the same company). My previous system was a 4-core with Radeon HD, my current system is 8-core with R285. I have been quite happy with all of the AMD components I have used, and see no compelling reason to switch. I'm not a hardcore gamer, I mainly play Just Cause 2, Spin Tires and a few others... But 3D performance is still quite important to me for content creation.

Comment Re:Amiga 2000's are plagued with battery leakage (Score 1) 192

So what can be done about it, and what are the symptoms of mobo damage? I have an A2000, 3MB Zorro card, VXL-30@40MHz with 8MB, and a Live!2000 card. I had heard about the leakage thing maybe 15 years ago, and when I finally opened up the case the damn thing was soldered in place. I opened it up a few years later and sure enough it had leaked, but there was no extensive visible damage (I imagined it would be like an Alien's blood eating through to China). Would I be foolish trying to power it up? Is it a fire hazard, or anything? I'd love to get my Amiga 2000 and 4000 up and running again, but the parts are scarce and I've forgotten so much about the various libs and scripts needed to get them working. I managed to get my 4000 upgraded to a Picasso IV video card and a 200MHz Cyberstorm PPC with 64MB of RAM, but it took finding the magic combination of Picasso and Cyberstorm drivers/libs that played well together and frankly doubt I could do it again at this point in time. It seemed pretty much luck even then that it worked flawlessly.

Comment Re:If only Bill Waterson inspired other cartoonist (Score 2) 119

It's the hip thing to lament the Simpsons still being on past its prime. I find it pretty annoying because however the show now compares to its golden years I can't imagine it ever being replaced by something better. I don't find any of MacFarlane's shows to be more enjoyable than the Simpsons at their absolute worst, and some of the Adult Swim stuff barely qualifies as animation. I'd prefer not to see Simpsons cancelled and MacFarlane given another half hour to further explore the themes of misogyny, homophobia, and racism under the disingenuous guise of being anti-PC. If the Simpsons has lost its wit, at least it still has a heart.

Comment Re:THE DEATH OF PC GAMING (Score 1) 272

I dunno... I configure and buy a rig every 2-3 years and/or make significant upgrades in the meantime. But I do it to speed 3D and video rendering. I bought GTA4 and Just Cause 2 when they were out and only ended up playing JC2. But I spend a ton of time gaming on my iPod. Bought a used 360 and a pile of games I had made note of and yet haven't played it nearly as much as I expected. I think when I am at my PC I feel I should be doing useful creative things. The iPod lets me get my gaming fix at times when I won't feel guilty about not doing something more productive. But my main point is that there are still areas of interest besides gaming in which having a high-spec custom rig can still be a top priority.

Comment Re:Fuck that. (Score 1) 396

Also, I have played GTA from I think GTA 3, and I have always played it from the perspective of doing the least harm possible. When I first started, I didn't even run red lights, until I learned that the cops won't chase you for that. I still am disappointed when I am in the middle of a mission and I accidentally hit a pedestrian while being chased or even worse is when the story requires you to kill a bystander. Heck, even when they give me a choice about killing a criminal, I choose to let them go. Frankly, I think that most of the assumptions that people make about the GTA series comes from people who haven't actually played it. Just like most any other topic, most people who talk about it are talking out of their rear end.

I have always been the same way. The thing I like about sandbox games is that they are the most immersive for me. I like the feeling of being in the place as a tourist trying to learn my way around, and I find that trying to obey (assumed even if unenforced) rules and respecting the rights and dignity of NPCs is more fun for me than just running around as an unstoppable force of chaos. Gameloft's Gangstar games have a tendency to ask players to engage in wanton destruction and targeting of innocents, and I really do hate when the game forces that upon my character. Then again, I think wrecks in Nascar prolong the race and can disrupt hours of planning mileage/tire wear etc.

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