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Comment I used to work for them..... (Score 1) 223 one of the specialist teams. We had a good team dynamic with only a handful of people in it but we were all making a difference and felt like we were. Then they made a number of management changes in a relatively short space of time and put a number of assholes in charge that totally destroyed what team dynamic had previously existed. When I left the team was nothing but a shadow of its former self being controlled by numbers and no one felt that they were actually being listened to. Many good people left that team. Some are still with EMC and others moved on to new pastures mostly due to dissatisfaction with the management.

Comment Re:I suspect (Score 1) 97

Use Your Head is a book by Tony Buzan (not sure if he had any input in the BBC2 series). I do not think you will find a suitable program since part of the learning process is designing your own map with associated colours and visual triggers.

Comment Re:Brainstorming (Score 2) 97

Mind Maps are basically digitized "brainstorms" that we were all (some?) taught in school. Digitizing anything comes at a cost: Using the UI. Usually pencil and paper is way more freeform and faster, but having your ideas digitized has some intense nerd value!

No not all of us were taught this in school. Also there are mind maps and mind maps. Tony Buzan is the man for the classic mind mapping techniques but people should try to evolve their own and like myself will often develop their own shorthand in the process which makes note taking and mind map design so much easier.

Submission + - Professional conduct on conf calls? 1

moodel writes: I work for a large storage corporate. We have weekly team conf calls.

We've had a higher manager hiding in the background of our conf calls of late and there is some anger amongst our team at this lack of professionalism due to the fact he never announces himself. (The idea of the team calls is for us to be as honest as possible with our direct team manager).

We suspect that he has also been hiding in the background of our appraisals which have been held with our direct manager.

Many people have left our team in the past dues to this particular higher manager.

What are your thoughts on this?

Comment Re:Why the anxiety? (Score 1) 807

I am in complete agreement with this sentiment although perhaps wouldn't have put it so sharply :) I use many of the major browsers in my day to day work and tbh there is no real reason for you to not upgrade to the latest FF unless you are severely limited on RAM usage. Just do it. Stop pondering what are entirely pointless questions or change to a different browser.

Comment I will look forward to this.. (Score 1) 99

I'm guessing that it'll be 2 x 2hr episodes which in some respect is better than making an actual film as it means the directors/script writers will have more time in order to portray the story. One of the problems in transferring any book to film format is that most audiences have a finite attention span in a cinema setting so its hard for script writers to convey the full story with all the nuances of a book :/ Fingers crossed they get it right.

Comment I tried to..... (Score 5, Interesting) 311

....... login thinking that since I already payed for a sub on my Kindle that I might at least be given access to the website. To my horror I found out that they wanted me to pay a new sub :/ I tried to submit a question asking if I might get some money off the subscription as I already received The Times on my Kindle but guess what? The question submission form on their website doesn't work! Awesome \o/ I'll stick to the Guardian. I've also canceled my Kindle sub.

Comment Win 7 experiance with games (Score 1) 554

I've been using Win 7 RC1 for about 2 months and I have a wide variety of games installed. All of them perform better than when I was using them on Vista. I can confirm that all the major MMO's and FPS games from the past 6 yrs work fine without any issues and most if not all of them have performance gains :D

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