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Comment Re:Algorithms (Score 1) 836

I can't really explain how someone would get to grad school and not know how to code a linked list. And yes, there are exceptions. It all comes down to probabilities and when it comes to programming concepts, the odds are in favor of the person with a four year degree. That doesn't mean that you can't do without it, but the odds are lower.

Comment Algorithms (Score 5, Insightful) 836

In my experience people who have gone to vocational schools do not have the same background in algorithms than do people who have gone to four year schools. They do not have as expansive of knowledge in data structures and sorting algorithms and the like. There are many jobs where optimizing is important and knowing which algorithm has the best run time in O() notation can be important. They may know Java, but that doesn't mean that they can code just as well. Just because someone knows how to use a typewriter doesn't mean they can write a book just as well as an English major.

Submission + - New Projector casts 80inch Image from 8cm distance

morpheus83 writes: Sanyo has announced that they will launch LP-XL50, a front projector that can project 80-inch images from a distance of 49 cm. Although the projection distance is 46 cm, the distance between the chassis and the wall may be only 8 cm. The product uses the company's proprietary aspheric mirror in the optical system to reduce the projection distance. The focus adjustment and image enlargement are carried out while the incident light is reflected on the mirror.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - WWDC 2007: Kevin Hoffman Presents .Net vs. Cocoa (

DECS writes: Today, on the final day of Apple's WWDC, Kevin Hoffman gave a lunch time presentation on using the Mac OS X Cocoa developer environment as part of a cross-platform development strategy, with direct comparisons to Microsoft's .NET frameworks and WPF in Windows Vista. I've enjoyed reading Hoffman's regular articles about Cocoa in his .NET Addict's Blog, in part because he presents Cocoa from the fresh perspective of someone new to the platform. It's rare to find someone who knows the ins and outs of more than approach, and even better when they can eloquently articulate the differences between them. WWDC 2007: Kevin Hoffman Presents .Net vs. Cocoa.

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