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Comment Re:Garbage In (Score 1) 231

And Samsung. All Samsung unlocked phones that I've purchased here in India ( AFAIK there is no carrier locking in India, because there is no contract system. You buy your handset and then you take it to a carrier who gives you a SIM, no commitments ) . Coming back to my point, it's Samsung's doing. Facebook, Flipboard and even Google Chrome come in the factory image and cannot be deleted. I've tried various options and the only one seems to be moving to CyanogenMod.

Comment Manned mission please... (Score 4, Insightful) 85

ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization ) launch vehicles have attained the goals set for them. A politician recently pointed out that cost of sending 5 satellites to space was less than the budget of the movie Gravity ( I liked that movie, he should have picked Avatar for the example IMO ). The Mangalyaan ( Mars Mission ) costs less than â12 per km travelled, making it the most cost effective mars mission ever. These launches were done by the PSLV ( Polar satellite launch vehicle ) and cannot be used for manned launches. ISRO has suffered setbacks , notably with GSLV ( Geostationary satellite launch vehicle ) and in mastering the cryogenic engine. They have made progress and their track record makes them a very good contender to provide a good alternative to SpaceX.

Comment What about PHP on the JVM? (Score 1) 213

A quick google search points me to one interesting project - "jphpcompiler" - . PHP on the JVM would be interesting. By leveraging existing Java and other libraries which run on the JVM ( by virtue of running on the JVM ) , PHP could be an interesting choice in Java and/or JVM based frameworks like Play ( Clojure ) or Grails ( Groovy ) or Spring MVC.

Comment All The best! (Score 0) 133

I installed cyanogenmod on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I've been pleasantly surprised by the changes (go thorough the screenshots that I've posted - they are all of my phone running CM 10.2) . The phone performs better in every way ( my only gripe is that HDR mode is missing from the camera )
The installation might be a bit tricky ( since Google removed CynaogenMod installer from the Play Store ) . I downloaded the installer from the CM Site , ran the app, followed the instructions and then it installed CM 10.2 ( Android 4.3 ) on my GS3.
I hope with additional funding, CM can come pre-loaded on more devices - a lot of Android devices are being held back by their software. ( cartoonish TouchWiz and LG's even-more-cartoony skins are at the forefront here ). Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is more secure, gives more choices to the user and generally makes your phone a better phone.
I hope CM gets more funding and does a stellar job - there is not reason it shouldn't - CM team have already been doing a stellar job :)

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