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Comment Re:So, in other words.... (Score 1) 259

"Time" is a direction of travel through a 4+ dimensional space in which "entropy" is increasing thus allowing us to "remember" things. The "Big Bang" didn't "occur" in a traditional sense of the word it's a point from which a comprehensible (or observable) set of rules started to apply to a direction of travel along the "time" axis for at least the 4 dimensions we call "spacetime".

Comment Re:Final nail? (Score 1) 398

Some of the biggest impacts we could make on our environment actually improve our standard of living overall. First off we need to build a more walking oriented infrastructure which would improve health and our sense of community this could be accomplished by orienting ourselves more towards city life and re-structuring suburbs for higher population density and greater walkability. Second we would need to re-purpose more rural land towards wilderness type environments to sequester carbon and consequently increase availability of backpacking, camping and other outdoor activities while reducing the impact we have on those environments by spreading it out and hopefully reducing it per area to the point where nature can cope with it.

Comment Re:Christians, physicians and hospitals (Score 1) 813

But every translation of the Bible is a divine translation and therefore must be perfect for all time. I mean it's really pretty easy to translate between three different languages and have the meaning come out the same. The original bible in Greek is obviously still correct even though the spoken language at the time was Aramaic and we have to trust the original translations to be accurate (New Testament). And of course the Old Testament is correct and doesn't wholesale rip off such ancient texts as the Epic of Gilgamesh. Nope the bible is perfect.

Comment Re:Christians, physicians and hospitals (Score 1) 813

1. I don't have to 'believe in evolution'. It is a proven, scientific fact(despite the frequent and erroneous argument that it is 'only a theory').

It is only a theory only a Scientific Theory which means that it has passed a certain rigorous set of tests that say that it is accurate enough to use in the development of further theories. This is many orders of magnitude more rigorous than any religious belief (say 10^10 orders of magnitude).

P.S. I am mostly posting this to not use my mod points for evil.

Comment Re:Exception to Betteridge's law!! (Score 1) 292

Money is and always has been an idea not a real physical thing. Money represents value it is not value in and of itself. It represents the value that you have added to the world through your work and the physical goods that you produce.

Of course assuming you believe what I just said could you ever justify someone becoming a billionaire? Can any one person affect the world around them on that order of magnitude? I know that I've personally never seen it every person that has millions to billions of dollars has a huge team of people around them that support them and they skim some portion of that money off for themselves.

Comment Re:keep trying (Score 1) 197

One thought process has evidence the other has logical inconsistencies. Logically with the world the way it is today there can be no "GOD" in the classical sense as the only thing that could fit the model of god is both Omniscient, and Omnipotent if we just refer to the Christian Bible we see "GOD" admitting to a mistake of knowledge which already says that this "GOD" is not Omniscient and we're not even going to go into the impossibility of Omnipotence (things like free will cannot exist with an Omnipotent Omniscient god and so on).

However we do have evidence that life CAN exist we see it every day, we understand to some extent how it forms from certain combinations of chemicals as experiments have been done which resulted in DNA (or RNA I can't remember which) being created in labs by simulating what we believe the environment to be on the early earth, we see the abundance of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in the universe, and at least trace amounts of a myriad of other elements, and our mathematical models, as primitive as they are, dictate that it is likely that life exists on some other planets. Therefore we are currently testing the hypothesis that life exists on other planets. Our methods are primitive and we have a vast search ahead of us but our models and current knowledge support the idea that life should exist on other planets because the sheer orders of magnitude we're dealing with indicate that 1:1 trillion probabilities are happening trillions of times per second.

Sometimes it is fun to feed the trolls

P.S. Stream of consciousness of some small fraction of the evidence on both sides not meant to be a complete argument.

Comment Re:No you won't (Score 1) 211

"Starship infantry" would have been better, although given the book's purpose as pro-military propaganda it lacks that romantic haze required to blur away the pointless death and destruction such troops have always created when deployed outside their own borders.

I've never been quite clear as to whether it was pro-military propaganda or straight sarcasm. In reading many of Heinlein's other works I eventually started to believe that it might indeed be the latter. Either way Heinlein must have been a very interesting person (read crazy) possibly in a good way.

Comment Re:This ain't the first time ... (Score 1) 470

Science is the study of the rules of the universe. Invention is engineering so if any of the above were invented that would not be breakthrough science that would be breakthrough engineering excepting the stepping discs and the transfer booth which would need a 180* turnaround in our understanding of the universe to even be possible.

Comment Re:We have the same... (Score 1) 689

There is a damn good reason to take a Siesta in the desert it's literally too hot to work so the go take a nap and then work late. I'm sure this doesn't apply to all of Mexico but it's known for a reason and it's practiced for a good reason. It has nothing to do with how hard they work.

Once assimilated you'll find a lot of the second or third generations being just as lazy as any other native.

Comment Re:Hello, economics (Score 1) 223

I would like to see a feasibility analysis done of a small scale research manufacturing module for the ISS with provisions for harvesting space debris for raw materials. If this worked out one might be able to bootstrap the enterprise with lesser inputs from Earth possibly making the project feasible. The research done in said module would likely have impact on earth manufacturing.

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