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Submission + - IBM frees patents for everyone... (

An anonymous reader writes: From the website: "IBM wants to encourage broad adoption of the Covered Specifications listed below. Therefore, IBM irrevocably covenants to you that it will not assert any Necessary Claims1 against you for your making, using, importing, selling, or offering for sale Covered Implementations2. However, this covenant will become void, and IBM reserves the right to assert its Necessary Claims against you, if you (or anyone acting in concert with you) assert any Necessary Claims against any Covered Implementations of IBM or of any third party. This covenant is available to everyone directly from IBM, and does not flow from you to your suppliers, business partners, distributors, customers or others. So, if your supplier, business partner, distributor, customer or other party independently takes an action that voids the covenant as to itself, IBM reserves the right to assert its Necessary Claims against that party, even though this covenant will remain in effect for you. By making this irrevocable patent covenant with regard to the Specifications listed below, IBM does not represent that it holds any or all Necessary Claims regarding the Open Specifications you choose to implement." Find the specific patent listings here: ml
The Courts

Submission + - Parish auctions home for $1.63 error in taxes (

An anonymous reader writes: Anonymous benefactors paid to settle a suit to restore clear title to an elderly couple's home, owned mortgage free since the 1960s. _gets_home_back_thanks_t.html It all started when a parish assessment of the property placed its new value $10 over its previous tax free homestead exemption. The first ever tax bill for $1.63 was miss sent to their superseded rural route address, the new address was required for 911, and was returned as undeliverable. So the Parish auctioned the property for $1.63 plus $125.10 costs and interest. Seems a speculator Jamie Land Co. got hold of the title and elected to spend $20,000 in legal fees and court costs losing each time and finally electing to appeal to the LA Supreme Court to protect the owner James Lindsay II's "rights".

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