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Comment graduate certificates (Score 3, Informative) 149

The education industry, meaning colleges and universities, need a way to "add on" additional skill emphasis to degrees without requiring whole new degrees.

They are called graduate certificates. You take a couple of graduate level courses, and you get a graduate certificate. Often, you can get a certificate while you are on the path towards a masters.

Comment Large free selection if you look for it (Score 3, Informative) 355

I checked out their site; not much selection and a VERY limited selection of "free" ebooks.

Baen frequently releases CDROMs with specific hardcovers that contain near-complete back catalogs of that author, which can then be redistributed freely.

Check out the Annotated Baen Free Listing or the Fifth Imperium.

Comment Summary missed the most important part of story (Score 5, Interesting) 240

Apparently, Geoff Levand was one of the people behind this release [1]. Geoff Levand is the programmer who worked for Sony supporting OtherOS and made the ill-fated and oft-quoted promise that Sony would never ever remove OtherOS from fat PS3s. [2] Looks like Geoff just kicked his former employer in the nuts. Go Geoff!


Comment Re:How bad? (Score 4, Insightful) 220


Sony probably relied entirely on client side security, assuming that the PS3 was unbreakable.

That, and thanks to their attempts to keep people on the latest "secure" firmware, PSN services that shouldn't be PSN services like Netflix and Hulu are now hosed (except for some people who apparently use the same password for all their accounts and can hit cancel at the login screen). If Netflix hadn't allowed the PSN-free disc to be disabled, we could be using it right now.

Comment Re:Baen Books (Score 1) 304

Amazon sales would say otherwise....

When Amazon says that Citadel has a salesrank of 2,675, that means there are 2,674 books in all categories currently selling better. Keep in mind, these are people who actually paid crazy deadtree prices. I got all of these books directly from Baen in an ebook bundle for just $15 a month... and I had them a month before they appeared in dead tree format. Granted, I would love if Baen had authors like Vernor Vinge and Iain Banks, but I find myself reading and buying a lot of Baen books simply because of the ebooks being DRM-free and the prices being so low.

Here are the books Baen published in January, 2010, with Amazon salesranks as of today.
Original publish dates are shown in parenthesis.

John Ringo
Hardcover (January 4, 2011) 2,675

Cobra War Book II: Cobra Guardian
Timothy Zahn
Hardcover (January 4, 2011) 52,576

The Agent Gambit
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Paperback (January 4, 2011) 71,960

Torch of Freedom
David Weber & Eric Flint
Hardcover edition (November 17, 2009) 250,082
Mass Market Paperback (December 28, 2010) 13,870

The Tuloriad
John Ringo & Tom Kratman
Hardcover (October 6, 2009) 339,313
Mass Market Paperback (December 28, 2010) 16,079

Man-Kzin Wars XII
Larry Niven
Hardcover (February 3, 2009) 851,107
Mass Market Paperback (December 28, 2010) 29,951

Dragon's Ring
Dave Freer
Hardcover (October 6, 2009) 414,261
Mass Market Paperback (December 28, 2010) 426,955

Comment Re:Australian Competition & Consumer Commissio (Score 1) 270

The American equivalent is the FTC, Federal Trade Commission.

You can complete a complaint form at

Not sure the best address to use on the form, but here is one of them:

Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
919 E Hillsdale Blvd 2nd Floor
Foster City Ca 94404-4247

Appropriately, the PS3 blog considers FTC to be a swear word.

Complaining to the BBB is pointless. SCEA already has an F... I don't think they can get an F-.

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