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Emulated PC Enables Linux Desktop In Your Browser 165

Ianopolous writes "Classic DOOM and DSL Linux Desktop inside your Java-enabled browser! The latest JPC, the fast 100% Java x86 PC emulator, is now available with online demos and downloads. JPC is open source and is the most secure way of running x86 software ever — 2 layers (applet sandbox, JPC sandbox) of independently validated security make it the world's most secure means of isolating x86 software. Visit the website to try out some classic games and play around with Linux all within your web browser. Refresh = reboot!"

Submission + - SPAM: Is Robot Warfare Going Open Source?

destinyland writes: ""You can build your own version of the Raven drone, which is a widely used military drone, for about $1,000 dollars," says Peter Singer, author of the new book 'Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century', arguing that "just like software, warfare is going open source." He warns that ultimately robot warfare may even expand beyond the military using more DIY and off-the-shelf systems. Besides 43 countries now working on military robots, there's "non-state actors ranging from Hezbollah to this militia group in Arizona to a bunch of college kids at Swarthmore... One person's hobby — such as the hobbyist who flew a homemade drone from North America to Great Britain — can be another person's terrorist strike option.""
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Comment Apple WWDC demo and AT&T (Score 1) 112

Apple did a ATG Human Interface Group project that publicly demonstrated a mac tablet (not newton) gesture interfaces at WWDC, early 90's. The tablet was a pen and one finger, both could be used at same time but only one finger (single layer of ITO). Not long after AT&T gave Apple a multi-touch (five fingers) transparent panel using a XY matrix ITO, it was integrated into tablet. At about the same time, Apple discussed with a display manufacturer about developing a mixed mode display, modify the XY display drivers to sense fingers as well as drive display. cool stuff

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