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Comment Not everyone has perfect eyesight (Score 1) 1104

Some visually impaired users enlarge the font so that they can read the text, and thereby use the application. Preventing them from doing this means they can't use the application. Visually impaired people have a hard enough time with the internet. There's no excuse for making it harder.


Submission + - NetBSD 4.0 Released (

moly writes: "NetBSD 4.0 has been released. After some ugly infighting at the NetBSD project, constant budget struggles, and an increasing question of relevance, the NetBSD people have put out a BSD-style OS that incorporates Xen virtualization, runs on 54 different system architectures (including toaster?), and gives the whole UNIX-like world pkgsrc, which allows a dozen different Unixen (including Linux) to use packages to compile thousands of software programs from source, or download binaries, installing them, and taking care of dependencies effortlessly. As the oldest free BSD project still in existence, let's hope this new release gives them new legs."

Submission + - Active glacier found on Mars ( 1

FireFury03 writes: "The European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft has spotted an icy feature which appears to be a young active glacier. Dr Gerhard Neukum (what a cool name :), chief scientist on the spacecraft's High Resolution Stereo Camera said "We have not yet been able to see the spectral signature of water. But we will fly over it in the coming months and take measurements. On the glacial ridges we can see white tips, which can only be freshly exposed ice". Estimates place the glacier at 10,000 — 100,000 years old."

Submission + - Australian Mandatory ISP filtering will block P2P

rippie78 writes: "Whirlpool the Australian broadband news site has broken the story that

The federal government has shocked industry by rushing a bill through parliament that will compel ISPs to block all P2P traffic.

Submission + - Starting a business based on GPL software?

errgh writes: "I'd like to start a web service that eventually would be supported either by ads and/or a subscription fee. It would be based on a open source social portal backend, although I will have to do some serious modifying to get it do accomplish my goals. The software is GPL v2 licensed. What will I need to post so that the license requirements will be met? Will I need to provide dividends to the authors? Can I not disclose the modified source, but only the unmodified original?"
User Journal

Journal Journal: DRM and the Corporate Dream

So I've been thinking about why there's this big push for DRM. The line sold to the public is that the media companies need this to prevent copyright infringement of their works. The story goes that without _effective_ copyright protection, the incentive to produce good artistic works is diminished, and therefore, good art won't get made.


Submission + - Debian win32-loader adds win9x and Vista support

Robert Millan writes: The win32 loader for installing Debian that was mentioned here earlier now targets for a broader spectrum of "victims". Over the last few days, support for Windows 95/98/ME was added. Now, this tool can easily replace Windows Vista as well. Seems like every member of the big "win32 family" can now be replaced with Debian in a matter of minutes. Only ReactOS missing. Anyone send the patch? :-)

Submission + - Porn Industry gives users what they want to fight

An anonymous reader writes: In a novel form of piracy prevention the adult entertainment industry is giving user what they want. Live performances, user interaction and higher quality than can be found pirated. All of this available by subscription. From Cnet:"Like other online publishers, has had to puzzle out ways to deal with the perennial problem of copyright infringement on peer-to-peer networks and Usenet.'s solution is live shows."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Student Suspended for Pastafarian Practices

Greyfox writes: "According to the metro news, a student in North Carolina has been suspended for his religious beliefs. Those beliefs? That global warming is caused by the decline in the number of pirates and therefore followers of the religion should wear full 'full pirate regalia' to combat global warming. The school insists that the student's suspension had 'nothing to do with religion and everything to do with his refusal to heed warnings about wearing pirate costumes to school.' But isn't that like saying that suspending a student for praying at lunch had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with praying at lunch?

I'm sure this is just another case of the Administration attempting to suppress global warming-related speech!"
United States

Submission + - Wildlife Deputy Changed Science for Lobbyists

fistfullast33l writes: "In yet another case of a Bush-appointed official creating their own interpretation of science, TPM Muckraker reports on Julie MacDonald, deputy assistant secretary for fish and wildlife and parks in the Department of the Interior in Washington. The Department's Inspector General issued a report today documenting evidence that MacDonald not only overrode opinions of department scientists to benefit lobbyists, political interests, and her own insanity, but also that she shared internal documents with said lobbyists and a friend in an unnamed online roleplaying game. My favorite episode:

At one point, according to Fish and Wildlife Service Director H. Dale Hall, MacDonald tangled with field personnel over designating habitat for the endangered Southwestern willow flycatcher, a bird whose range is from Arizona to New Mexico and Southern California. When scientists wrote that the bird had a "nesting range" of 2.1 miles, MacDonald told field personnel to change the number to 1.8 miles. Hall, a wildlife biologist who told the IG he had had a "running battle" with MacDonald, said she did not want the range to extend to California because her husband had a family ranch there.
Apparently, MacDonald is a civil engineer and has no formal natural sciences training."

Submission + - White House Email Security Holes

moly writes: "The White House staff are using alternate email accounts, fearing that what they write using could get subpoenaed later. What they fail to understand is that is somewhat secure, and that the RNC staff email accounts, or, or their Blackberries are easily hackable, leaving national security holes that are gaping. The Daily KOS has two good articles: this, and this one, and the points made are very scary. It seems that Karl Rove uses his Blackberry for 95% of his email, and a Blackberry is not secure. Any competent Black Hat could steal most of the email traffic White House staffers are trying so desparately to hide from the American public. Ironic."

Submission + - State of the VNC art

BlueVoodoo writes: "Are you adept with Virtual Network Computing (VNC)? If not, you'll find that learning even a little about this desktop sharing system pays off big in your daily development or system administration responsibilities."
United States

Submission + - Serious Magnet Failure at CERN's New Accelerator

GrepNut writes: CERN is reporting that the giant magnets that steer the particle beam in the new and highly anticipated Large Hadron Collider have just failed catastrophically in a stress test, apparently due to a design oversight. It doesn't help that the magnets were designed and built by CERN's US competitor Fermilab. News is still breaking, but blogs are starting here and here.

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