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Comment Dis- jointed at best (Score 1) 740

I recently installed windows 8 on a new AMD box I put together; some aspects of it are cool and some just plain annoying. I was planning on using it as an htpc, 8gb of ram and a silent fanless cpu, but was sorely disappointed with my initial run through of the apps. I got the $39.99 Windows 8 pro package and added the media package, which is free for a limited time apparently, expecting to be able to play back music and view movies I have on my server. My server runs ushare and the device was detected and displayed instantly, but failed to play anything giving me a "format not supported" error message. Windows media player however plays all my media. I have a netflix account so installed the app; "Error during playback: check the video card drivers". A quick look on the web and I found that netflix advises users of window 8 who are experiencing problems to use the web site to play their content. So off to the netflix website I went; "Sliverlight is required for playback". After installing Silverlight I was able to use the web site to play their content. As a test I decided to try the Windows 8 app again and low behold it now works. So .... Why do the metro apps differ in functionality from the desktop apps and why was'nt Silverlight installed by default when I installed the netflix app. I regularly use Windows 7, ubuntu, ios, osx and android and have no problems hunting down fixes for issues I have but 'come on man' these things are basic. I realise that their are alternative ways of acheiving what I wanted but it should have provided the basic functionality out of the box I dont think I was trying to do anything patrticularly out of the norm.

Comment Re:smoking and atheism (Score 1) 910

Based on something that I have never experienced I am going to draw some conclusions : welcome to religion my friend.... arse. so you know that they repented and told you that they should not have smoked but instead led a virtuous and boring life and be spared the painful death that smoking garrantees. Really you could almost say that about just about everything that is "bad for you". Enjoy your virtuous life having never accomplished anything or done anything wrong (according to some twat who lived x number of years ago).

Comment Re:There is room for both. (Score 1) 461

Ok I take that as there is still a market for editors to refine the product, what I fail to see is the "we still need to limit the choice and availability" of said product. This is essentially what publishers do, just like the record industry used to do; if you want this product you have to purchase it in this format at this time and then again later when we decide to publish in another format that suits our business model. Fuck em I say give me what I want when I want it or I will pirate your books and accept the consequence of driving authors away for the short term.

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 375

I was a gamer until it became obvious that games were just an excuse for having a windows machine, now not so much; mind you I am 45 and all the fun of lan gaming has been removed. Porn on the other and well used hand is OS agnostic guess I don't need games.

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