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Comment Re:I deleted code, you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 391

If Chuck Norris were a programmer, he would always write perfect code, and therefore would never need to delete anything. Furthermore, lesser code deletes itself in the presence of his code. If Chuck Norris were a programmer, specifications would change to suit *his* code! I could go on and on...

Comment Re:tmobile (Score 1) 286

Man I really cringe listening to horror stories on AT&T and Verizon. I have Tmobile with an n900 and android running froyo for the wife. Couldn't be happier. Our unlimited data plans are $10 for me and $25 for her (Tmobile knows which IMEI numbers belong to their Tmobile branded android phones, so they charge more for their smartphone plan on those). Tethering is easy. The unlimited plan itself does get throttled after a certain amount of bandwidth. I've only exceeded that once and I had definitely downloaded more than 2GB before it was throttled. But even then I didn't notice the throttling, my xfer speeds through sftp stayed constant.

Comment Screw Thinkpads then (Score 2, Insightful) 806

Consequently I will not be purchasing a Thinkpad Edge. I've had to reboot a redhat machine repeatedly with the magic sysreq keys lately. Just throwing this useful key away is a mistake. I don't understand what it benefits them anyway, since it's just some extra silkscreen on an existing button that does see use and another scan code in their hardware.

Comment Re:OpenGoo (Score 1) 428

I've used Streber [] with success at previous positions for software dev management. It's open source, ajaxy, and supports a nice granularity of task views depending on milestone driven organization or task priorities. It's integrated with wiki and has a homegrown version control system for file attachments (which I could care less about). There may be integration with subversion now, I have not updated it in a while. The biggest complaint I see people mentioning so far is a lack of a Gantt chart, that's a design choice by the primary developer. One other thing is that the pace of development can be quite slow, since there are few developers on board (or at least there were). However, reading what I'm seeing here, I will have to give opengoo a shot.

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