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Comment Re:It's not just misinformation (Score 2) 452

The problem with131I is that it gets incorporated in your thyroid gland, and as you write, it is very hot and can do a lot of damage in a shorte time. The problem with 90Sr is that it chemically behaves like calcium, and is accumulated in your teeth and bones, and also contaminates milk. Although it's not as hot as 131I, 90Sr can stay in your body for a very long time, and do damage over time. The problem with 137Cs is that it is chemically very soluble, and can make its way into all cells of the body via various ion channels and transporters, and it spreads easily in the environment where it remains quite hot during the time of a human life-span.

Comment Orion will be destroyed (Score 1) 312

".. we can only hope the core of Betelgeuse undergoes catastrophic failure in our lifetime."

I have mixed feelings about this. Although it would be quite spectacular and interesting to witness the demise of Betelgeuse, Orion, one of the most beautiful constellations, would be destroyed. That would be extremely sad.

Comment Re:I thoroughly enjoy the Joomla (Score 1) 74

Yeah, that works great if you want a blog. If you want to create anything other then that, Joomla becomes one giant headache to customize.

That is simply not correct. It is very, very easy to produce a non-blog website with Joomla. Wordpress is a blog system, and Drupal needs lots of work to not be one.


The 10 Most Absurd Scientific Papers 127

Lanxon writes "It's true: 'Effects of cocaine on honeybee dance behavior,' 'Fellatio by fruit bats prolongs copulation time,' and 'Are full or empty beer bottles sturdier and does their fracture-threshold suffice to break the human skull?' are all genuine scientific research papers, and all were genuinely published in journals or similar publications. Wired's presentation of a collection of the most bizarrely-named research papers contains seven other gems, including one about naval fluff and another published in The Journal of Sex Research."

Comment Re:Turning a bad thing into a good thing... (Score 1) 295

I agree. The school could have spun it around and used this to promote science teaching. There's a great deal of interesting science in the SETI project, (although I don't believe they will ever find an signals from distant civilizations.) "Our school is searching for E.T.!" The kids would have loved that.

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