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Comment Re:Take a leap! (Score 1) 180

Dear Arthur, I am glad you feel that way and only hope you are not alone. I know I thought similarly so I devised a product that would probably help you out. Essentially, it is a domain-specific vertical search engine, called - enter your query and then INSTEAD of pressing enter, click on the category of interest from the list below the search box. Instead of blindly returning results from ALL over the Web and the engine assuming what context you are searching for, you - the user - tell the search engine what state of mind you are in. After all a student searching for Berlin might want WWII info, a couple might want travel info... Alternatively, you can check out: for films and movies for video games for travel. the list goes on and on. Is this the best search engine out there? Of course not. Is there such a thing? Of course not. Is this a search tool for everyone? Of course not. Is there such a thing? Of course not. All to say, it does seem to be for someone with your needs. Enjoy, and mainly I look forward to your feedback, Cheers MojoSupreme

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