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Submission + - Microsoft backflips, announces Xbox One backward compatibility (

dotarray writes: Mike Ybarra is head of Platform Engineering at Xbox, and today he told the gaming world all about one of Microsoft's best-kept secrets — after more than a year of saying it couldn't be done, the Xbox One really is backwards compatible, so you can play all your Xbox 360 games on your next-gen console.

Submission + - LG Accidently Leaks Apple iMac 8K Is Coming Later This Year (

An anonymous reader writes: LG accidently revealed in blog post that Apple is planning to release 8K iMac later this year. This news comes as a surprise as the leak came from a different company rather than Apple. LG is one of Apple's biggest display partner and has already demonstrated 8K monitors at CES in Las Vegas, and notes that the panel boasts 16 times the number of pixels as a standard Full HD screen.

Submission + - Your Porn Is Watching You 2

merbs writes: Thirty million Americans regularly watch porn online. That’s a lot more than fess up to it, even in anonymous surveys: In 2013, just 12 percent of people asked copped to watching internet porn at all. But thanks to pervasive online tracking and browser fingerprinting, the brazen liars of America may not have a say in whether their porn habits stay secret. Porn watchers everywhere are being tracked, and if software engineer Brett Thomas is right, it would be easy to out them, along with an extensive list of every clip they’ve viewed.

Pay What You Want — a Sustainable Business Model? 133

revealingheart writes "As 2010 comes to a close, it could be remembered as the year pay-what-you-want pricing reached the mainstream. Along with the two Humble Indie Bundles, YAWMA offer a game and music bundle, and Rock, Paper and Shotgun reports on the curiously named Bundle of Wrong, made to help fund a developer who contracted pneumonia. More examples include when Reddit briefly let their users donate an amount of their choosing for upgraded accounts when they were having financial difficulties; the Indie Music Cancer Drive launched Songs for the Cure for cancer research; and Mavaru launched an online store where users can buy albums for any amount. Can pay-what-you-want become a sustainable mainstream business model? Or is it destined to be a continued experiment for smaller groups?"

Nokia Trades Symbian For MeeGo In N-Series Smartphones 184

An anonymous reader writes "Nokia announced that moving forward, MeeGo would be the default operating system in the N series of smartphones (original Reuters report). Symbian will still be used in low-end devices from Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. The move to MeeGo is a demonstration of support for the open source mobile OS, but considering the handset user experience hasn't been rolled out and likely won't be rolled out in time for its vague June deadline outlined at, could the decision be premature?"

Geologists Might Be Charged For Not Predicting Quake 375

mmmscience writes "In 2009, a series of small earthquakes shook the region of L'Aquila, Italy. Seismologists investigated the tremors, but concluded that there was no direct indication of a big quake on the horizon. Less than a month later, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake killed more than 300 people. Now, the chief prosecutor of L'Aquila is looking to charge the scientists with gross negligent manslaughter for not predicting the quake."

Submission + - SPAM: Is this xBox 360's newest take of the Wii?

balitaevents writes: Microsoft on Monday began shipping a slim, more powerful version of its Xbox 360 videogame console to US stores.

The announcement came as the US technology giant announced that its hotly-anticipated motion-sensing "Kinect" controllers for Xbox 360 consoles will be available in the United States beginning November 4.

"Kinect" is the name for the new game technology developed by Microsoft under the code name Project Natal.

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Submission + - WikiLeaks Founder Issues Plea for Help

An anonymous reader writes: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assagne has sent an email telling supporters that "WikiLeaks may be under attack." In a plea for help, Assagne has written that supporters should set up "Friends of WikiLeaks" groups in their area (by emailing and he's written that the site is in dire need of "IMMEDIATE" financial contributions. Assagne is reportedly being sought by the US federal government for State Department memos he allegedly plans to release, which officials say could jeopardize national security.

Openmoko Phone Not Dead After All 101

In response to the report I posted a few days ago that the Openmoko FreeRunner phone had been discontinued, Pat Meier-Johnson writes on behalf of Openmoko to say that this isn't so. "Some bloggers have been misinterpreting a presentation by Openmoko CEO, Sean Moss-Pultz last week in Switzerland to think that the company is getting out of the phone business. That's not true. In fact, the Openmoko FreeRunner (their current model) is alive and well. (Also in Switzerland, Sean announced another project — not a phone — that they are calling 'Project B.' No details yet.) The next version of the phone, codenamed GTA03, has been suspended and there were some associated layoffs, but the GTA03 was in constant flux as a design. So the company is being prudent and focusing on the FreeRunner which has lots of open source community and most recently, embedded developer support." Glad to hear this, because the FreeRunner is an interesting phone.
The Courts

Submission + - SPAM: SAP Spends 'Millions' On Waste Management Suit

narramissic writes: "According to a document filed in a Texas court, SAP has engaged 25 to 30 contract attorneys and spent millions of dollars to defend itself against a lawsuit brought last year by Waste Management over an allegedly failed ERP implementation. Included in that sum is a more than $1 million payment to an unnamed e-discovery software vendor. Not included is the cost of SAP's outside counsel, which has spent 'thousands of hours' reviewing documents and interviewing more than 100 SAP employees."
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The Media

Submission + - Associated Press Sends Takedown Notice to Itself (

Quothz writes: "Associated Press affiliate WTNQ-FM in Tennessee received an unusual legal threat against its Youtube channel. You guessed it: the AP threatened its own affiliate if it doesn't stop posting news there for its listeners. It appears that the AP has a single executive assigned to battle Youtube, and "nobody told the AP executive that the august news organization even has a YouTube channel which the AP itself controls". Although the AP quickly changed its tune, this seems pretty indicative of the rabid-dog nature of IP enforcement today. On the balance of it, I'm surprised the RIAA hasn't managed to sue itself yet."

Submission + - WebHostingTalk Data Breach: Lessons Learned

kstatefan40 writes: "WebHostingTalk's data breach situation just keeps getting worse. First, over 50,000 user names and encrypted passwords were stolen from a backup server and the parent company iNET assured their clients that absolutely no credit card information was taken. Unfortunately for iNET, Tuesday of this week it was reported that nearly 10,000 credit card numbers were posted in plain text, including their corresponding CVV2 numbers, expiration date, and the full name of the owner of the card. The response from WHT has been all over the board and has really angered some of their clients. I wrote an analysis of what went wrong in WHT's response and lessons that can be learned from the incident."

Submission + - Virginia Says Slashdot Users May Be Terrorists 6

megamerican writes: A leaked document from a Virginia Fusion Center titled 2009 Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment lists Slashdot users and other websites alongside Al-Qaeda, HAMAS, "Lone-Wolf Extremists" and many others as potential terrorists. Slashdot and other websites have been labeled under the ominous sounding title of Anonymous:

A "loose coalition of Internet denizens", Anonymous consists largely of users from multiple internet sites such as 4chan, 711chan, 420chan, Something Awful, Fark, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Slashdot, IRC channels, and YouTube. Other social networking sites are also utilized to mobilize physical protests. Anonymous has no leader and is reliant on the collective power of individuals acting in such a way that benefits the movement.

According to the Report, cell phones, digital music players are signs that you may be a terrorist. It lists podcasting as a cause for concern citing a recent ban by Australia. Citizens for a legitimate government, where the document was leaked to has a write-up here.

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