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Wireless Networking

Boeing Drops Wireless System For 787 217

K7DAN writes "It appears that state-of-the-art connectivity in Boeing's newest aircraft means a wired, not a wireless network. The Seattle Times reports that Boeing has abandoned plans to bring entertainment and information to passengers through a wireless system in its 787 Dreamliner due to possible production delays and potential conflicts with other radio services around the world. A side benefit is an actual reduction in weight using the wired system. Amazingly, the LAN cables needed to connect every seat in the aircraft weigh 150 lbs less than all the wireless antennae, access points, and thickened ceiling panels required to accommodate a wireless network (the design called for an access point above each row)." The article concludes: "The net impact, [a Boeing spokesman] said, is less technical risk, some weight saved, the system's flexibility and quality preserved plus 'a bit of schedule relief.'"

Submission + - AI Homes for Alzheimer's Patients

eldavojohn writes: "The University of Toronto is working to develop artificially intelligent homes to help the elderly suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. The homes will have sensors and programs running that will be able to detect falls or provide people through sound information that they have forgotten. From the article, "The researchers say they are the first in the world to test home-based artificial intelligence systems in clinical trials. People's ability to complete hand-washing steps without help from a caregiver increased by about 25 per cent with the talking bathroom, a study found." Alzheimer's Disease is becoming more and more prominent as people live to an older age, the cost of altering a home to assist a sufferer will most likely be much more affordable than constant care from an attendant."

Journal Journal: Google Kills "Google-Bombs"

Google Kills Bush's Miserable Failure Search & Other Google Bombs.

After just over two years, Google has finally defused the "Google Bomb" that has returned US President George W. Bush at the top of its results in a search on miserable failure. The move wasn't a post-State Of The Union Address gift for Bush. Instead, it's part of an overall algorithm change designed to stop such mass link pranks from working.


Submission + - Web Honeynet Project IDs Attackers

narramissic writes: "The Web Honeynet Project, an independent group of Honeynet researchers from Securiteam and the ITOSF, is putting a new twist on Web application honeynets by naming not only the attack details, but the IP addresses and other tracking information about the attackers as well. As security consultant Brent Huston notes, 'This approach is not unheard of, as lists of known high-volume attackers have been circulating through the Net for several years, but this is the first time someone has applied the honeynet concept to making attacker IP data publicly known.'"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Best Segfault Stories Resurrected

Sumana Harihareswara writes: "Leonard Richardson, editor of the now-defunct Segfault geek humor site, put together an archive of his favorite Segfault stories that he wrote, and reminisces. "Maybe enough time has passed that the Segfault stories can be seen as historical documents, ways of gauging at the obsessions of nerds in the late 1990s." I'm the wife that he met via Segfault, because Slashdot linked to it."

Study Finds IE7 + EV SSL Won't Stop Phishing 84

An anonymous reader writes "Stanford University and Microsoft Research have published a study that claims that the new Extended Validation SSL Certificates in IE7 are ineffective (PDF). The study, based on user testing, found that EV certificates don't improve users' ability to detect attacks, that the interface can be spoofed, and that training users actually decreases their ability to detect attacks. The study will be presented at Usable Security 2007 next month, which is a little late now that the new certificates are already being issued."
United States

US Pennies To Be Worth Five Cents? 729

Z-MaxX writes to point out Reuters coverage following up on last month's news that the US Mint has made it illegal to melt or export US coins in bulk, since the value of their constituent metals — in the case of pennies and nickels — now exceeds their face value. The new story quotes Francois Velde, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, who thinks the new rules will not be enough — he believes that determined speculators are already piling up pennies. Velde suggests "rebasing" the penny to be worth five cents. Quoting Velde: "These factors suggest that, sooner or later, the penny will join the farthing (one-quarter of a penny) and the hapenny (one-half of a penny) in coin museums."

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