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Comment Re:Grow house (Score 3, Interesting) 141

It's not really that serious. The drug laws are strict but it's actually fairly common to come across illicit substances in SG, just like everywhere else. The cases that make the news usually appear because people are stupid about it, trying to take E out to clubs or smoking weed in the street like they think they're in Amsterdam. Most people who want to don't have a problem. No, there aren't dealers on corners or people walking up to you on the street offering you drugs like back in the US, but we like it that way. Anyone who's been here more than a few years knows someone who knows someone that has drugs. We live on an island country that's only slightly bigger than Manhattan, and we have the world's busiest port. You'd be kidding yourself if you thought they'd catch everything coming in, or if you thought they prosecute every single possession case.

Porn is also illegal here, but it's silly to think no one is looking at it.

Singapore's policy with just about everything is if you can keep it to yourself they aren't interested. Keep your head down and you can smoke all the weed you want, if that's your thing.

What I find craziest of all is that in the first three years of my adult life in the US I had six, maybe seven run-ins with law enforcement. I've been in Singapore for almost four years and I've not yet ever been confronted by a single police officer. And people say Singapore is a police state?

Comment Re:I learn stuff in my dreams. (Score 1) 99

I still can't imagine why anyone would willingly want to repeatedly perform such touchy and precise control manipulations.

I used to be a horrible driver.
Seriously bad, as in, I wrecked four cars in two years.Thankfully never causing any bodily harm to anyone. Of course, that was when I was 16, but I fault this largely on my inability to focus while driving an automatic. I would *space out* while driving on straight roads for long periods of time or even sometimes when going through repetitive stop-and-go traffic. The first car I bought with a manual transmission changed my life- I never had a wreck again and it's been ten years since I started driving a manual. Something about focusing on the revs and shifting gears keeps me focused on driving. Not to mention the fact that it is more enjoyable for me to drive than an automatic. Just food for thought.
Cue the flames on how I'm a moron for not paying attention while driving and what kind of idiot american driver I am etc...

Comment Re:Anonymous isn't an activist group (Score 1) 271

So what's your point? Because there was a CIA office in the WTC that Al Qaeda was justified in attacking the building?

I don't see your logic at all. You comparison would make more sense if it was a well known fact that Al Qaeda was planning to deploy missiles to target Obama. And if, knowing that fact, he then went and hid in the CIA office of the WTC. I get the feeling that your post is a straight up troll though, so I'm not sure if I'm wasting my breath.

And anyway, the destruction of the CIA office in the WTC was by no means the primary objective of the 9/11 attacks. They were terror attacks, not strategic warfare, and it's debatable that these guys even had intelligence on that office being there. Moot point.

Comment Re:Confusing (Score 3, Informative) 147

No need to worry. Reports around the web are contradictory to this article, all say it's extremely unlikely that an attacker could gain access to your machine using this vulnerability. You're more likely to get blue-screened.


What's more, you'd have to be sharing your bluetooth id AND the attacker would have to be within range of your signal.

Comment Re:Forget second hand (Score 1) 535

Even so, overly-aggressive DRM only serves to justify piracy further, giving pirates a leg to stand on. There have been a good number of recent releases where the pirated version was actually better than the original release because the DRM was such a pain.

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