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Comment Re:The four options... (Score 1) 344

Yes, IIRC because my govt lowered taxation on the importation of tea and threatened the livelyhood's of smugglers, who promptly rioted.
So, what does the UN get out of "taxing" the internet? where is it's authority to tax access to the internet? It's not a govt, it has no say if the members dont agree to give it a say, and even when the members do, it has no authority or means of forcing members to comply to it's will.
Face it, the UN is a remanent of the cold war, a talking shop created in an attempt to provide a place for nations to try and resolve differences without going to war. Yet the beaucrats (bloody french words, always have trouble spelling them correctly) now want more, more more!
Greedy power hungry buggers, out to create a world authority through which they wish to push their platform.

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