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Comment Re:Vindication (Score 4, Insightful) 744

"Most" is an utter lie. Maybe most of the ones you see on Fox are like that, but in reality most people who are interested in and concerned about anthropogenic climate change realize that we need to balance economic necessity and long-term conservation priorities, and we aren't even remotely beginning to do that. It's very convenient to paint the people who disagree with you as enemies of civilization, unfortunately it is completely dishonest and counterproductive.

Comment As an academic biologist (Score 1) 382

Let me just say "yuuuuup". The way biology is taught in undergrad curricula is absolutely insane, and as a result a majority of the students coming out of undergrad biology programs know a lot of facts but have very little understanding of what science is or what it does. A kid with a great memory and awful critical reasoning skills will have a much easier time getting through school than a kid who has a bad memory but can actually think. I try my best to foster critical thinking and investigation in classes I teach, but the whole curriculum desperately needs to be reformed.

Comment Significance chasing (Score 2) 453

This issue is exactly why many scientists are moving towards model selection approaches instead of significance testing. Significance testing is arbitrary and silly at some level, and even Fisher knew that. The .05 cutoff is just something he pulled out of his butt one day as an arbitrary threshold that one might use for determining whether or not to provisionally believe a result, it's not some fundamental constant of the universe that has any real external justification to it. The good news is that the younger generation of scientists is increasingly comfortable with model selection, and as a result this is a problem that is in the process of correcting itself.

Comment Re:Student loan debt not worth it (Score 1) 618

For grad school in the sciences, loan debt is uncommon--- students typically get paid stipends as research assistants or teaching assistants, which cover full tuition plus a modest salary (~$16k-30k or so, depending on field and institution).

It depends on where you are. The weird bit is that grad student stipends tend to be pretty consistent across the country, but living expenses aren't. Where I went to school (UCD), all students in my grad group got a stipend of 20k per year. When I first started that was plenty of money, but after six years of rent going up and my stipend staying the same I was taking loans and picking up extra work in order to make ends meet.


AU R18+ Rating Plans Put On Hold Due To "Interest Groups" 139

Dexter Herbivore writes "Australian gamers are yet again left disappointed by their government's response to a lack of an R18+ rating for games. Gamespot reports that Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor has blamed 'interest groups' for swamping the public consultation with pro-R18+ submissions. From the article: 'A strong response from gamer groups in the Australian Federal Government's R18+ public consultation has led Censorship Ministers to claim that more views from the community are needed before a decision into the introduction of an R18+ classification for video games can be reached.'" Reader UgLyPuNk adds that support for the new rating is coming from unexpected places.

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