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Comment another brick in the wall of safety. (Score 2, Interesting) 162

i'm an immigrant to canada, my ultimate destination was the US until i saw how ape-shit crazy and nationalistic americans became after 9/11, so i stayed in canada. later i had to pass the border to get my passport stamped for the landed immigrant visa, i swear when i passed the border even the sun lost it's sparkle, everything was gray, the buildings were gray, the cars and people were gray, the only thing that was bright and pink were the grossly overweight G.I. Joe border patrol guards and their black/blue uniforms, guns were present EVERYWHERE! it was like dirty harry had become a place and was asking me if i was feeling lucky. i got my picture and fingerprints taken like a common criminal (under the kindly grimace of a framed picture of dick cheney hanging on the wall) and then had my papers stamped and got the hell out of there back to canada, back to freedom, somewhat. this DNA collection won't make things worse, they're already at rock bottom, i purposely missed my cousins wedding because it entailed doing a stop-over in new york and you know what? fuck america, i'm never spending a dime on an american comapny if i can avoid it and i'm not playing the little fascist game they have going on there. sorry i had to rant but it's sad to see what once was a vibrant and relatively open society that trumpeted it's freedom turn into a fear mongering, polarized and confontrational society. maybe it was always like that and it's just my illusions that got brought down to reality but i like to think that there was something special about the US before the '00's.

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