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Comment Question (Score 1) 140

I won't go into whether or not releasing gm organisms into the environment is a good idea, I'll leave that up to people better educated in genetics. I would have to ask the question though, if these mosquitos have a shortned life span wouldn't it reduce the chance that they would have an opportunity to breed? Might it not have been more effective to introduce a gene that caused all male offspring to slow and inhibit breeding?

Comment Re:Thank God.... (Score 1) 265

While we are trading anecdotes...
I own a duplex and live on one side a friend and his family on the other. I do all the pc maintenance. There are 4 windows and 2 linux boxes in the house total. None of them has ever had an issue with a virus. Security software and informed users are key. Even the kids in our house know better than to install untrusted programs. Educate your users man best you can it helps.

Comment Re:Anti-malware? (Score 1) 277

honestly i haven't had any issues with malware on my android phone. I did install the Lookout app that has anti-virus but I installed it more for the data back up and ability to locate the phone via website if it is stolen. IMO Anti-malware software is generally a good idea on any web enabled device for the simple fact that if there is a security hole to exploit in a device someone will write an exploit for it eventually.

Comment Here goes (Score 1) 1

I'm probably going to be burning positive karma by saying this but here it goes. This is what comes with the walled garden. I have to think Apple is getting some sort of payoff from advertisers for access to this sort information. True "it just works" but is it worth it to you to allow this kind of access to your personal information?

Comment Re:Apple's going to change computing for the masse (Score 1) 244

and so what happens when something like the pdf exploit ruins their "just works" atmosphere. Problem is in many cases they are still fucked and now have to overpay to get a fix instead of having eduscated themselves on how to avoid the problem. It really doesn't matter how you frame it, it is intellectual laziness and i have no sympathy for those who fall victim to it. The security of those platforms are an illusion the sooner you realize that and get on with educating yourself the better.

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