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Comment Re:Ad Blocking (Score 1) 159

Interesting. Perhaps run the Javascript in a sandbox, but still don't display the resulting ad?

Oh well, perhaps the liability here needs to fall on the ad networks that are serving up malware without scanning it first. Sort of like if CBS started airing advertisements from some Evil Overlord that caused brain hemorrhages in people who viewed the ads...

Comment Re:Ad Blocking (Score 2) 159

I suppose that's possible. I'm definitely not an expert on the ad networks, or how they calculate ad impressions, but I fail to see how they could distinguish between an ad that's on my screen but that I don't interact with in any way (which is the vast majority of them) vs. an ad that was served, but not displayed on my screen. It's not like I'm doing a captcha on each ad to prove I'm a human and not a computer.

Comment Re:Ad Blocking (Score 2, Insightful) 159

Here's an idea: How about someone writes an ad blocker that DOWNLOADS the ads, just like normal, but simply does not RENDER them on the screen, or execute any code? Seems like the best of both worlds: users that don't want to see the ads don't see them, and websites still get paid, since there's no way to tell if they actually got shown?


Automakers Move Toward OTA Software Upgrades 157

Lucas123 writes: While some carmakers today offer over-the-air software upgrades to navigation maps and infotainment head units, Tesla became the first last week to perform a powertrain upgrade overnight. But as the industry begins adopting internal vehicle bus standards with greater bandwidth and more robust security, experts believe vehicle owners will no longer be required to visit dealerships or perform downloads to USB sticks. IHS predicts that in the next three to five years, most, if not all automakers, will offer fully fledged OTA software-enabled platforms that encompass upgrades to every vehicle system — from infotainment, safety, comfort, and powertrain. First, however, carmakers must deploy more open OS platforms, remove hardened firewalls between vehicle ECUs, and deploy networking topologies such as Ethernet, with proven security.

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