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Submission + - How important is freedom of speech?

moderatorrater writes: With the recent banning of a film-maker from the UK for making a documentary critical of Islam, it sparked a discussion about whether or not freedom of speech trumps safety. It seems that the question is best best exemplified by another. Knowing the violence that would ensue, would you have the government ban the printing of the famous cartoon of Muhammad, and why?
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - Stardock report: new games, DRM position (

moderatorrater writes: Stardock has released their 2008 customer report. In it they talk about their upcoming games, their current games and the updates they're planning, and illustrate their position on DRM and copy protection. As one of the most successful game development shops for the PC, it's good reading and gives you a nice, bulleted list of their position on DRM. It's a good read.

Submission + - Nintendo hold top ten selling games in japan (

moderatorrater writes: For the third time this year, the Wii and the DS have swept the ten top selling games in japan. From the article:

The domination of Nintendo formats continues until number fourteen, with Banpresto's Super Robot Wars: Original Generations — one of four PlayStation 2 games in the top fifty.
A lot of people are saying that the Wii is going to start showing a decline; when exactly was that supposed to happen?

United States

Submission + - ACLU sues Boeing subsidiary over torture cases

moderatorrater writes: The ACLU is suing a subsidiary of Boeing for helping the CIA abduct and torture people. From the article:

"Publicly available records demonstrate that Jeppesen facilitated more than 70 secret rendition flights over a four-year period to countries where it knew or reasonably should have known that detainees are routinely tortured or otherwise abused in contravention of universally accepted legal standards," the suit states.

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