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Submission + - Criminal complaint against Turkish Presidency of Telecommunication

mod_insanity writes: After the terrorist bombings happened during the civil demonstrations with the name of Peace,Labor and Democracy in Ankara capital of Turkey once again Turkish citizens face internet censorship. While country is still in shock with the biggest terrorist attack in its history, Turkish Government tries to hinder communications over internet through slowing down social media sites Facebook and Twitter.
This is not the first time that Turkish authorities take action against freedom of speech and information. As such precautions have been taken before with the surfacing of telephone recordings of high rank officials' corruption and bribery, this time a criminal complaint has been filed against TIB (The Presidency of Telecommunication) with the accusation of narrowing down the bandwidth and disrupt access to the social media.
Lawyer Ömer Faruk Eminaaolu registered in Ankara, filed a law suit against TIB and other bodies which may be involved and stated that it is out of the law to cut communications and I press charges so that this unlawful act would never happen again.

Comment Re:Plasma Physics (Score 1) 398

well I've always wanted to experiment on plants and bugs like inducting them to lasers and magnetic and electromagnetic fields.. like spiders building webs surrounded by a high intesity of magnetic field or seeds growing exposed to laser with different wave lengths.. those are not really R&D but experimenting is fun also.. for R&D works I would stick with software development or just simple mechanics/industrial design. you can invent a little life safer gadget out of nothing but with just little creative thinking and some trials utilizing cheap equipment. good luck..

Submission + - touchpad games for Alzheimer's disease

mod_insanity writes: For over a year our lovely grandmother is living with Alzheimer's disease. she is in a mild to moderate state in which her daily activities are hindered. But she never lost her will to learn to use a computer. She occasionaly asks us just to show her anything on grandfathers laptop. For her, it is impossible to read and concentrate on small letters, to use keyborad or navigate with mouse. I've been thinking of a device with touchscreen which she can easly use her fingers to play very simple games developed for young infants or kids. like matching geometric objects color or so.. I have no idea how to match proper ingridients so any advice about hardware and software for this purpose would be appreciated.

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