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Comment Re:what?! (Score 1) 179

I never understood the attachment to the button, but the claims defaulting to Metro are misleading. It displays tiles on the primary monitor, but not the second monitor on each boot. Pressing escape makes them go away. They doesn't come back until I press the Windows key on my keyboard to bring them back. The metro screen is the start menu so many people seem to think disappeared. It searches installed programs, and if the search doesn't find what you want, press escape and all shortcuts will be displayed in the same folder groupings the old start menu used.

Comment Re:Then why is overuse 5x as expensive as in-band (Score 1) 238

My theory:
They do it for consistent income which allows them to more reliably forecast future revenues. If a customer expects to consume at a certain level every month it is better for the company to set that customer's monthly rate at that level. The penalties for using more than the customer said they would, have to be high enough to prevent the customer from picking a lower tier and paying for an overage two out of every three months. The overage penalty in your case seems a bit high though. They are much more reasonable in my area.

Comment Re:Agreed (Score 3, Insightful) 453

With the physical switches and full sized USB and HDMI ports he is asking for, the case will need to be thicker. This should make plenty of room for a battery two or three times bigger. It doesn't sound like weight is an issue for him. The software requests seem reasonable.

Comment Re:Speak for yourself (Score 1) 440

Reply to remove a mistaken mod, but while I'm at it...

The last copy of Office I bought came as an ISO from Microsoft's website (dreamspark). The windows install media can be copied to and made bootable from a USB hard drive or thumb drive. All of the other software purchases I've made recently (Acronis and Quicken) have been on the vender's website with installer or ISO downloads.

The software sections of most retailers seem to be shrinking. I don't find this surprising.

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