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Comment Quality control (Score 1) 211

I have to agree to a certain level. Apple has a level of quality control that people tend to forget and think of it more as a proprietary system. Its true Apple does not make sense in their choices most of the time and for some reason it works. A elite cliche type of expression if you own their products.

Whiles others that see room for improvement in their model try the same with looser controls and it never seems to be able to catch that distortion field momentum that Jobs is so good at creating.

Comment Re:People anywhere eventually tire of... (Score 1) 1144

Yes its good to hear I am not the only one in a company like yours. While I dont do 16 hours consecutively I feel your pain.

When your in it, its hard to see whats better, the mind numbing slave work for days on end or unemployment.
Grass is greener whichever side of the fence your on in a company run as such.

Comment People are the same (Score 1) 1144

I work for a large medical company that has a call center in the US headquarters and have also been outsourcing their call center to India and Phillipines. From what I can tell from my observations, by the way I am not directly involved in the call center so my comments are not quantifiable, people anywhere eventually tire of working for shit jobs.

Perhaps people outside the US can last longer than their American counterparts, but over the course of time they eventually develop the same traits that cause them to be terminated as well. Bad attitude, lack of interest, insubordination, lack of job performance. A crap job is just that, if you are hungry then you may accept it, but once your basic needs are met you will realize you no longer wish to be in a crap job. Americans have their basic needs met more easily, than the countries mentioned so they tolerate a bad job in a less amount of time than people that have not eaten or had a decent place to live for many years of their life.

Complacency is human trait not just Americans.


Submission + - Do electric sheep dream of civil rights?

holy_calamity writes: Hot on the heals of a UK government report that predicted robots would demand citizens rights within fifty years [BBC], an Arizona state lawyer has suggested that sub-human robots should have rights too [Newscientisttech]. Harming animals far below human capabilities is thought unethical — would you ever feel bad about kicking a robot dog? And can we expect militant campaigners to target robot labs as they do animal labs today?

Submission + - A shopping scanner darkly

An anonymous reader writes: Using functional MRI scans, researchers have found which parts of the brain are active when people consider buying something and can predict whether or not they'll ultimately bite. One of their big findings: Rather than weighing a choice between the pleasure of making a purchase and the delayed gratification of using the dough for something else, the brain is actually weighing between the pleasure of buying and the pain of forking over the cash.

Journal Journal: cable vs dsl, cable vs directTV 8

We're moving and I'm thinking of taking this opportunity to ditch cable for DSL and DirectTV. What's been your experience? I've had Adelphia's bankrupted cable service which was adopted by Time Warner and it's unreliable as hell, since I work from home it's a major headache.
Will DSL through SBC be more reliable?
Does DirectTV suffer in bad weather?

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