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Comment Re: It built a roofless circle. (Score 1) 62

your friend is lazy as fuck, i regurally do that shit, a house framing and foundation is 1 week(2 days for framing), coming from an architect

Don't be a dick. If you're really in the construction business you know that speed of construction is a function of design complexity, the amount of talent and resources thrown at the build, the ability to organize those resources, timing of material delivery and a random "luck" factor. Have 20 talented construction people working full time on a 500 square no-feature efficiency and yea, it's done quick. Put a couple software engineers with limited experience and a mom with 3 kids to work finishing a 2500 square house, part-time, and it will take longer.

Comment Re:And the moral of the story is... (Score 1) 730

People are occasionally presented with "honorary" doctorate degrees in this-or-that. For example, the architect Frank Gehry will be awarded a Doctor of Letters by Oxford on 21-June this year. Filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar was such an honorand last year. While such a courtesy is distinct from an earned academic or professional degree, would it enable one to join a professional society?

I'd prefer to call myself a software artiste. My employeer says I'm an SME. Hey! Lookee! After 44 years of writing code I finally get a TLA!

Comment Re:Just Slashdot (Score 3, Funny) 113

The only website I have this problem with is Slashdot, which wants to cover the top 3rd of my web browser with an ad.

It happens to me all the time on Ars when viewed with Chrome on an Android. The cause is not the initial load; it's the carousel advertisements "above" the current view. When they change size everything adjusts it's position. I get completely lost. Which, in my case, is like selling coal to Newcastle.

And don't get me started on the CPU cycles needed by all the advert videos playing somewhere "off screen". My S7 starts to feel more like an S zero point five. The does not help my browsing experience nor does it entice me to support the advertisers -- the opposite in fact.

Comment Re:They asked nicely, he refused (Score 5, Insightful) 233

He brought this on himself ...

I'm not sure about this. You seem to be suggesting that he should have yielded to authoritarianism without being able to state his case. I kinda get it -- he who runs away lives to fight another day. Maybe. Yield to the dictator du'jour. Acquiesce to those in charge simply because they are "in charge". The people have no power. I don't particularly like where this is heading.

I'm trying to imagine the response if it had been an elderly black woman or a man wearing a ghutrah.

Comment Vinton Cerf, you're under arrest. (Score 0) 227

We're with The Government and you're under arrest. You and Robert Kahn are credited with "inventing" TCP/IP which is a key technology now used by internet villians. Unfortunately we can't arrest Chris Sholes, the developer of QWERTY, but we've already locked up Federico Faggin, Ted Hoff and the gang of Intel thugs who claim to have developed the first microprocessor. We're headed to Redmond after we're done with you.

Comment Not "despite"; "because" (Score 1) 42

... there are no immediate plans to offer similar protections to families of ordinary means, despite a recent survey by the firm Accenture that found as many as 1 in 4 Americans has been the victim of data theft...

I think they mean because a recent survey... Etc. It doesn't do the shareholders any good to be paying claims to 25% of your clients.

Comment Re: A better question to ask (Score 1) 75

I guess I ain't got religion yet. Quantum computing seems like the CS dept's answer to cold fusion.

Hey! I've got an idea -- cold fusion powered quantum computing! It can compute the proof that Martians are living in Grovers Mill, NJ and using faster-than-light neutrinos to tap Trump Tower from Obama's secret underground military base near the Lincoln Memorial.

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