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Comment Re:Wait for it... (Score 1, Offtopic) 260

...but displayed so quickly, only your subconscious is aware of it: a warm fuzzy feeling of "ah well, it's just a movie, and $9 isn't that much money...

How are movie trailers and the current US election process alike?
1. What you see is not what you get.
2. You get a hopeful feeling during the campaigning, to be replaced by a horrible feeling a few months after the election.
3. You wonder what your friends are smoking to be so in love with the other (movie / candidate).
4. You can't wait for the next one.

Comment Re: backups for the super-paranoid (Score 1) 229

Are you paranoid enough?

I spent a few years in the rotating rust (disc drive) business. Some of my friends are former StorageTec (bought by Sun then Oracle) engineers. The running joke with them is that tape is a write-only medium.
That being said, the IT dept at the company I was at did file restores from tape on several occasions. Maybe they were using IBM drives :-)

Comment Re:The real reason? (Score 1) 381

That escalated quickly

No shit. This song started running around my head

Now things got worse, yes a serious bind
At times like this it takes a man with such style I cannot often find
A doctor of the heart and a doctor of mind

"Rock 'n Roll Doctor" by the great Lowell George who, sadly, knew a thing or two about too much and found it just as difficult to do anything about it.

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