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Comment Re:He's certainly *different* in many ways (Score 1) 1435

He is really good at shepherding, managing and promoting the "Trump" brand name. And now with the power of the US Military and the Presidential directive, he can definitely make a major contribution to Trump branded properties world-wide. As he's said, conflicts of interest do not apply to the office of the President, nor to him. OTOH, actually managing property or being a leader seems to not come as easily. He gives the impression of being a rebellious teenager with a twitter account.

Comment Re: Retards (Score 1) 59

Many thanks for the link. I thought that when the head of the NSA said "squirrels", it was a metaphor or sekret code word. Not so. Now I'm worried about jellyfish. We get a lot of outages in rural Colorado. I'm going on the hunt for giant electricity-sucking alien jellyfishes hovering above high tension towers.

Comment Damn bacon (Score 1) 373

So I was out in the south forty on the John Deere spreading around some asbestos and tilling it under. i get paid a buttload to take that stuff off the hands of them rich city folks who is refurbing old homes. Anyway, there I was kicked back, steering with my leg, scarfing down a quadruple bacon and egg sanwich and finishing off my 2nd six pack of Leinenkugel's, when damn if my cigar don't just leap outta my hand and hit the floor. I figured if I pick it up before I count to 3 then no harm, no foul. Am I right? I lean over and all hell breaks loose. Fell out of the seat and almost ended up on the ground. The tractor is still puttin along but now it's headed for the river that sits between my property and the Danburry nukelear power plant. I'm hanging onto a couple spark plug wires with one hand and trying to keep from getting sucked under the rear wheel. It was at that moment that my wife called on the CB radio. "Vern" she says, "My bags are packed and I'm leaving you for the nice man we met in Jamaica last winter. So this is good bye". In about 1 second I was so mad my eyeballs about popped. Then I was in a long tunnel with a bright light at the end. That's all I remember.

Comment Re:Ironic (Score 1) 165

... as local city officials tabulate the bill calculating waste of law enforcement resources, along with facing punishments related to a fraudulent report.

And we should throw the book at them. Marketing is not a viable excuse here.

It's a darn good thing those rules don't apply to politicians. The jails would be overflowing (even more).

Comment Re:Leave. (Score 1) 432

;-) I had a similar reaction.

How about this for a product idea? A little cheatsheet of some of techniques along with actual examples from people that have been in the news. Whenever a politician or mediaslut starts talking (mr trump doesn't have a monopoly on dementia) I want to be able to look at my list and go:
  • Projection. Check.
  • Gish Gallop. Check.
  • Overt threats. Check.

Comment Re:Leave. (Score 3, Informative) 432

Agreed. You can't save the world. The company deserves him and vice-versa. Let them stew together in their self-realized creeping miasma of putrid decay.

After you've gone elsewhere, send your manager a webpage detailing gaslighting, Perhaps something like this. The downside is that that page is written by a blogger; not a lawyer or mental health specialist.

Comment Beta on your future brain (Score 1) 261

Your mileage may vary..

I lived with the adolescent brain until I was 21, then spent 15 years trying to numb it with liquor and drugs, and the flesh machine. At that point I was officially "old" and my brain had the one-way ticket to senility-ville. Now my memory is shot, my neurons are calcified, my attitudes are stuck and my memory is gone. I'm so fricking addled and incompetent I'm not even fit for senior management. The only thing I could possibly do is get into politics.

The sad part is, it'll to happen to you too and everyone you know. Keep a few friends you can go crazy with.

Comment And in other news.... (Score 1) 31

Jaguar announced that it has completed designs for a self-assembling car. It builds itself, transports itself to the dealer, sells itself, obtains it's own financing, then drives it's new owner home. At that point it's up to the new owner to drive it back to the dealer to repair the electronics.

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