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Comment Re: "Famers?" yesuh (Score 1) 147

That would be me. Planted the north fourtay with mi-lennial twee tars. Hybrid ya know. They is comin right along. Put in genex eye-pods down along the creek. Not doin so good theyah. I bleve it is one them "bandwidth" issues I read bout. My wife says til it under and go back to ethanol corn holers.

Comment Why no dumps of fancy bear cybertools? (Score 1) 457

It makes me wonder why the recent revelations have been about US cyber espionage efforts. Nothing about Uncle Vlad's hacker groups, fancy bear / cozy bear / funny hair bear / gay bear boys in flaming bondage bear, although that last one may have been a group I heard at SxSW. In any case, maybe the US isn't so hot at vetting it's people, or Kislyak knows how to turn people. Maybe the US can't get the goods on other cyber espionage groups. Or maybe they have and they ain't sayin nothin.

Comment Re:A giant step ... sideways (Score 1) 96

So DDOS'ing some computer ... is ok?

I merely pointed out that any and all possible actions that would dissuade the perpetrators are forbidden, effectively rendering the law useless.

All the Slashdot threads will focus on the technology. Firewall this, DDOS that. It is not a technological problem -- it's a people problem. Today it's done with computers and networks. Fifty years ago it was telephones and prank calls or postal mail with white dust. The attacker is anonymous and remote, which does not require great physical distances. That virtual distance isolates the attacker from the victim and breaks the bonds of shared humanity. Like viewing the victim from behind a one-way mirror, the attacker feels safe, secure and superior and becomes emboldened to do things they would not do if they were face to face with the victim. If they feel like they can get away with it, they will do it again. This law ensures that.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 3, Interesting) 338

Of course there are many requirements specification languages. I doubt if any of them cover tribal knowledge or situations where the people being relied on to provide the specifications, sensing that they were about to be automated out of a job, supplied incomplete or inaccurate data. In this case, the Microsoft tool would be demonstrating GIGO -- Garbage In, Garbage Out. On the other hand it would do it much faster and more efficiently that a team of developers who, if they were diligent, who start asking questions about inconsistencies in the spec.

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