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Submission + - Time Inflation and Deflation Theory (TIDT) (

mmontuori writes: "Few years ago I decided to apply Time Dilation theory and see the results myself, as you could probably expect, the results are quite different than expected. At that point I decided to write my own version of the theory called Time Inflation and Deflation Theory (TIDT). This subject is very delicate in the physics community today and I will probably be blasted from all different directions, but on the other side, if we always accept things as they are, we would never evolve and understand more and more"

Comment Syslog is old (Score -1) 433

The basic syslog daemon is very old, change is good sometimes... personally I am not familiar with The Journal tool, however, it sounds very interesting. I am just curious about certificate management and CPU usage to achieve the encryption. Virtualized environments will suffer in high demand logging applications...

Submission + - Rooting Android Finally Explained (

mmontuori writes: "While everyone is busy anticipating deals for Black Friday or cooking the perfect turkey recipe, my black Friday lesson of the week deal to you is to explain the Android Root process; this post is not targeted for a special device, instead, it addresses the different rooting processes independently of the device. I feel that before rooting an Android device, we must understand why we do it and what we gain and loose."

Submission + - Removing Android System Stock Applications (

mmontuori writes: This week post is “Removing Android System Stock Applications“. Ever wondered why an Android system or stock application cannot be removed with the GUI? How you would remove the annoying applications that comes installed with your phone?

In this post, will guide you to remove an application only with system commands and without any GUI or market apps; this technique will make you understand the Android Operating System a little more. In this example, I decided to remove the stock Quick Office application, only because I have a Quick Office Pro license. You should be able to use the same method for any system applications. This post assumes that you are familiar with .apk files, you have the Android Developer Kit installed and configured, a rooted phone, and busybox installed; if you don’t, please get familiar with the subjects and install the pre-requisites before continuing. There is enough information on the Internet on how to do it.

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