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Comment Re:It will never be reliable enough... (Score 1) 69

Except that it's less about keeping the wrong people out and more about making it easier for the right people to get in. The masses don't like multi-factor authentication because, frankly, it's way more of a pain than just typing in a password. This sort of technology encourages adoption of more secure methods because, assuming it works well, Mr. Bank get more security, and, because it is much more user friendly, they won't get a ton of calls from their users bitching about how much of a pain it is to log into their online banking site.

Comment Re:It will never be reliable enough... (Score 4, Insightful) 69

I posted this before, but I'll summarize here:

If this matches, it's likely that you are who you say you are. If this doesn't match, it just asks for additional factors of authentication (security questions, smartcards, etc). It is not a replacement for any other form of authentication.

Comment Re:Smells like an academic spinoff (Score 5, Interesting) 69

This is not so much an authentication method as a heuristic used to decide whether or not to ask for additional credentials. It's exactly analogous to the way security questions work for online banking. If it recognizes you, there's a good chance you are who you say you are and your password is considered sufficient. But, if it doesn't recognize you, that isn't necessarily indicative of an impostor, just that it needs to ask for more information (in the form of a token, smartcard, security question, etc) before it can be confident you are who you say you are.

A "yes' from this this is acceptance, but a "no" is not a complete rejection. It just makes you jump through an extra hoop or two.

Comment Re:100 IQ is relative to average (Score 1) 421

You've got to be careful with the term "average". In the text you quoted, it says that the *median* is defined as 100 IQ points, but that doesn't mean the *mean* isn't increasing. If the bottom half of the population is not getting dumber but the top half is getting smarter, you could have a situation where the median is still 100 but the mean is going up.

Comment Vs. Whom? (Score 1) 520

I think it's quite plausible that the average Slashdotter has an above average sense of direction... when compared to the population at large. At least for me, my ability to get somewhere I want to go involves a combination of logic, memory, and good-old-fashioned paying attention, all of which I would wager, read as above average when measured in the average user here.

Comment Re:Paperwork (Score 2, Informative) 368

Hire a payroll company to deal with that stuff. Your time is almost certainly more important than the extra $20 per pay period that someone like Paychex charges. Right out of college I started a business with a friend and we ended up with 5 other people working for us full and part time. We used Paychex (just one of many), and we didn't have to deal with anything more complicated that a few forms we were provided with. They handled all the HR stuff for us, actually. It was quite nice to not have to worry about any of that stuff.

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